Elo l ooked at the key, which had fallen to the ground. Swooping down before the Doctor could catch her, she picked it up and tossed it to Del and Spook. Spook carried on running, but Del turned, picked it up and winked. "Thanks," she mouthed.

The two younger girls opened the door of the HARDIS slowly, so that it would not creak. Then they slipped inside, quiet as two mice.

Del looked at the controls, growing terror in her eyes. "Can you fly this thing?" she asked Spook, who frowned.

"Don't look at me," she shrugged. "Technologically illiterate, I am. I've told you that so many times..."

"But he's coming!" Del pressed a button at random. Lights flared and blinked. "What did I do?"

"Stop worrying. We're gonna be fine." Spook came over and pressed a few more buttons. A lever nearby seemed to be inviting her to pull it.

Spook pulled it.

Lights started to flash in earnest.

"Hey, come back! That's my TARDIS!" The Docotr obviously had not researched the land of typos very carefully. They could hear him panicking as he searched for the sonic screwdriver, which Elo had palmed just moments before. It was now safely in her pocket.

"No, it's our HARDIS!" yellowed Spook through the open door. "Ooh, it's a little chilly," she said to Del. "Do you have  a spare clock on you, anywhere?"

"Sorry, no," said Del. "Now, let's go somewhere warm!"

She had worked out the controls by now; it didn't take much. She typed something into a keyboard that didn't look like it was attached to anything.

"Hold on tight!"

The TARDIS - sorry, HARDIS [force of habit!] - vanished.

"Wait for me! What about me?" Elo's lonely shout was the only noise left behind. The other farty guests had vanished, terrified by the noise and shouting. Spook and Del didn't hear - they were too far away. "Wait for me! What about me?"

The End

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