Doctor Distraction

Elo stood and approached where the good Doctor was accosting Spook.

“Excuse me,” Elo asked politely with the quiet air of authority.

“What?” the man growled, very inconsiderately.

He flicked a glance at Elo, but kept his focus on Spook. It was like he suspected her of having trick up her sleeve or something.

“What?” he growled again as Elo stood silently beside him.

She looked at neither Spook, nor Del, nor even at the man but out to the cake.

“Planets of A, B, C or D status, you said?”

“Yes, shall I recite the whole of Shadow Proclamation part 24601?”

“No,” Elo mused, “but I was wondering if I could see your license I think there has been a mistake.”


The Doctor was clearly not used to having his licensed representative status questioned. He quickly produced, seemingly from the thin air a license. When Elo realized she couldn’t grab it she sighed.

“You real license please,” she sounded like a petulant mother.

“Fine Fine!” The Doctor began to fish about his pockets while trying to keep one eye on Spook.

Del and Spook exchanged puzzled glances. Giving them a wink and a smile Elo watched the Doctor. All sorts of odds and end got pulled out and discarded; A bit of string, a piece of paper that was Not his license, a shiny silver key. Elo noted Del’s eyebrows raise at that. The Doctor lost focus on Spook as he rummaged some more. Now there was a dozen pens, all obviously taken from thirteen different peoples desks.

A sonic screwdriver, Elo looked at it and wondered if that was the instrument her grandmother used to threaten her uncles with. She was half tempted to pick it up and see if the Doctor’s arms and leg would fall off if his belly button was unscrewed. To bad she didn’t have a paper sack.

“Ah ha!” At last the Doctor pulled out an official looking license type thing.

It looked a bit like a passport, probably stamped with every place he’d been. Elo tried to snitch it but the Doctor held on. Unperturbed, she began examining it tapping her finger here and there on it.

“Uh huh,” she muttered.

“yup,” she nodded.

“What?” The Doctor could obviously stand it no longer. He had completely forgotten Spook.

“Just as I suspected,” she smiled consolingly at the Doctor.

“Well?” the man was clearly perturbed.

“You’ve fallen prey to a typo beast.” Elo tapped the license. “You see this happens to be a Class T planet.”

“It is?” the Doctor was becoming confused.

“Why don’t you just come have a sit with me on this delightful bug.” Elo put an arm around the Doctor’s shoulders and started steaming him from Del and Spook. “The lake is quite delicious and the cuplakes aren’t bad, if I’m to complement myself.” Elo motioned behind her back for the other two to escape.

The End

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