"What do you want?" said Spook brusquely."You'd better not be trying to sell me stuff. I'm not interested - I have all the stuffI need." As she spoke, she checked her mental inventory. Swiss army knife, paintball gun etc .. check, check.

"Do you know who I am?" he asked. He had an irritating smile on his face. "Do you recognise me?"

Spook searched the man's features for something that looked familiar. At last she hit upon the answer. "You're that idiotic bloke who tried to flatten me in his ridiculous blue box the other day at the shopping centre, aren't you? There's me, minding my own business, trying to pick up some new supplies for army camp next month, and some guy falls out of the sky in a police box! Well, I've got a few things to say to you!"

"Spook!" That was Del, who had cast aside her flapper of lake to help her friend. "You can't have a go at him! He's the Doctor!"

"What?" Momentarily floored, Spook dropped her raised fist and turned around. "What do you mean, the doctor? I'm not ill! And I'm not mad. I won't go with you. You won't take Spook without a fight!"

The Doctor laughed. "I'm not that kind of Doctor. But I still have to restrain you, by order of the Shadow Proclamation part 24601, section (b): 'Any person and/or creature of any species that is attempting World Domination for personal gain on planets of A, B, C or D status must be restrained and forcibly removed by a licensed representative.' I am a licensed representative - what do you say to that?"

Spook merely responded, "Oh, bugger."

The End

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