He Strikes ...

The man walked past. Elo looked up, alarmed, as his shadow fell across her flapper of lake. She turned to Del.

"Do you know who that is?"

But Del had covered her face in her hands. Oh, yes, she knew ... she knew, all right. She was just afraid that he was there for them - or worse, had turned up by mistake. A single capital letter out of place could do that to a person.

"It's the Doctor," she said.

"The doctor?" said Elo, watching with confusion as he appeared to approach Spook. His bow tie flapped slightly in the breeze. "Spook's not ill, unless you count madness."

"Not the doctor. The Doctor." Del sighed and got up. "Spook - run!!!! He's here!!!!"

Spook turned ... and saw ...

The End

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