Lay out the Farty Bug!

Finally, after a good few scares with the cuplakes, Del and Elo finally got the last flapper of food onto the bug. Spook was still patrolling the cake edge, muttering something about "darned Marines" and "won't catch me off guard this time..." Del just shook her head and set about laying the food on the bug. It was a very nice bug, albeit a bit stained and travel worn. She'd got it at some local country shop or another - the colours had caught her eye as she passed by. However, after several fartys and a good deal of trampling, the bug was a bit beaten out of shape. But Del loved it anyway.

"Come on Spook!" she called, "Get over here! The other guests will be here soon!"

Spook looked up and, grudgingly, slunk over to join them. Soon enough people started appearing and the food was passed around. All was going well, people were eating and chatting contentedly in the warm sun.

Then, disaster struck.

The End

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