Arrival at the Cake

Elorithryn left the house with ten stitches to spare. Of course by the time she got to Spook’s she had ten less. Spook was still obsessing about what to wear. Elo could only roll her eyes when her friend finally settled on combat boots, cami’s and an army helmet.

“I don’t think we’re going into combat.” Mirth colored Elo’s tone.

Spook smiled. “You never know. Those cakes can sneak up on you!”

“Ambush you in the middle of a good Farty eh?” Elo was nearly laughing as they got into her car.

“You never know,” Spook said more ominously.

Elo glanced sideways at her friend. “Oh deer, you’re not planning anything are you?”

Spook only smiled and repeated. “You never know.”

Being the only one of the three with an actual divers license, Elo drove to the next block where Del was busy scurrying in and out of her house with goods.

“How many people did you invite!” Elo asked as she looked at the plethora of food.

Del shrugged and the two other girls quickly started to help her.

“I have to make sure there is enough.” Del paused as she scanned her nearly bare kitchen. “Do you think it will all fit in your car?”

“As long as it doesn’t turn into an Elephant trunk like it did last year,” Elo looked back at her car with trepidation.

That had been a disaster. She still had no idea where the food had gone as there was no elephant attached to her car. All the mechanic could tell her was that someone had read the word wrong and caused the mishap. Some days Elo really wished life here in typo land was as mundane as the worlds the people wrote about on Procrastonize.

Very cautiously the girls loaded all the food into the car and set out for the cake. It was a long dive, but the girls easily amused themselves with silly stories and songs, or really just plain random chatter and the occasional complaint. Though they had lost many stitches from Spook’s wardrobe crisis and Del’s food extravaganza, they were still the first to arrive.

Spook got out first and canvassed the area for surprise traps while Elo and Del unloaded and set up the lake by the cake.

The End

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