Faking Lakes

Elo checked her e-mails for the first time in days. Yes, an invitation from Del. She read it through briefly, grabbed an apron and set off for the kitten.

Though the invite had explicitely said: "No need to bring any food" Elo could not go to a party with contributing something. She just loved to cook.

The recipe book was hidden by a printed booklet-copy of FLOORED, which she had finished reading just a day or two before. Plopping a CD into the player and humming to herself, Elo started to fake.

The lakes were perfect. Light and fluffy, with a few fat fish and a tiny seahorse in one area. [*Del grins*]

Grabbing the foam in one hand, she dialled Del's number.

"Just to say I've faked you a couple of lakes, so don't cook too many!" she said, as soon as her friend picked up.

"Spook will finish them up, don't worry. She's got a bottomless pit for a stomach!"

"Yeah, I guess so." Elo smiled at the thought. Ach, bottomless pit ... nice. Not.

The End

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