Breakfast in the Kitten

Del woke up the next morning feeling a little off colour. However, being the tough no-nonsense girl she was, she scrambled out of bed and made her way down into the kitten for breakfast. Del's kitten was a small affair, but it suited her just fine. A small tablet stood in the middle with a chair at one end and half a ton of manuscripts of half-scribbled novels at the other. Del sighed, she knew she needed to sort through those things, but for some reason she just kept putting it off.

However, thankfully it was nothing as bad as SpookOfNight's house - if you could call that bombsite a house! As much as Spook insisted it was an "organised mess" Del just didn't know how she could find anything in the towering stacks of screwed up paper, army gear, pots, pans and various miscellanous things Spook had decided to hoard for future use. Personally, Del didn't see how half the junk Spook had accumulated would be useful.

Damn this toaster! thought Del irritably, giving it a shake. She'd bought it ages ago and it really was starting to die on her. The anger was similar, sitting in the corner of the kitten and looking very sorry for itself. She really ought to have thrown it out ages ago, but the old anger held far too many memories for her. Most of her food for the picnic sat atop the anger, from the sand witches to the pastor bake and even the small selection of cuplakes she'd cooked up before the party the previous night.

She was all set. In two days time she could be sitting happily beside the cake with Spook and Elo and having a good time. Smiling at the thought, Del sat down at the table and pulled a small notebook off the top of the pile and, with crumbs sticking to her fingers, she began scribbling.

She was going to make sure WALLED was the best sequel ever...

The End

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