A Dive in Ten Stitches

SpookOfNight wandered about her house aimlessly for a while. She put one thing away in each room, which made no noticeable difference in the state of said room. Flopping on the couch she picked up her laptop to log into Procrastonize.

Nothing, nada, zip. Stupid laptop is on the fritz again!

SpookOfNight cast the thing aside and stared at the ceiling. God she couldn’t believe Delorfinde was writing a sequel to FLOORED already! She was glad that Elo posted at a much less frequent rate than Del. Or at least she only posted one or two chapters at a time compared to Del’s fifty!

I can’t keep up with that girl. I just can’t. Not if I’m going to do my own writing as well. And I promised Gwythryn and Kairin that I’d finish their story.

SpookOfNight glared at her computer which was still trying to boot up. She wanted to boot it into the cake. Finally unable to take it any more Spook picked up the phone. She rang up Del first. There was no answer. Then she rang up Elorithryn.

Come on be home. I’m bored. Wait why didn’t I text Del? That was stupid.

“Hello?” Elorithryn answer the phone.

“Hey Elo, did you get your invitation to Del’s cake picnic yet?” Spook asked excitedly

“No I haven’t checked the mail yet today,” Elorithryn responded hesitantly.

“Well anyway, Del’s having this picnic and I was wondering if you’d be able to dive me there...”

“I’m sorry, who is this?” Elorithryn interjected apologetically, “My mind is a bit hazy right now and this is a land line with no caller ID.”

“Oh right,” Spook snickered, Elo was so backwards sometimes. “It’s Spook. Why is it again that you don’t have caller ID again?”

Elorithryn sighed, “Because this phone doesn’t support it.”

“You should get a new one.”

“When do I have time?” Elorithryn suddenly giggled. “How’s your clock holding up. Seems to me it’s about that time when you call me up begging for help.”

Spook smiled, “You’re reading my mind! How do you do that?”

Elo giggled again, “I’ve a head for details and an imagination run wild. Shall I dive over there with my clock resuscitation kit?”


“I’ll be over in ten stitches.”



Well watching Elo work isn’t always the most fun, but it beats boredom. Hopefully she’s in a talkative mood.

SpookOfNight knew there were times when Elorithryn was not. She needn’t have worried, though. After her previous guests Elorithryn was dying to talk to a good friend. Not to mention SpookOfNight had just given her a good excuse for trying to add time to a clock.

The End

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