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An hour later, Elorithryn was regretting asking the two women to tea. They had nothing interesting to talk about, preferring just to complain about the rain and the window, while she nodded and smiled.

Bet Spook and Del are holed up somewhere together, doing something much more interesting. Wish I could join them.

Little did she know that Del was actually having to endure a rather odd party ...

"More tea?"

"Actually, I'd better be going. I'm sorry to leave so soon, but I have a pressing engagement." Hardly daring to believe it, Elo smiled politely.

"Are you sure? Oh, well, it's a shame, but I suppose you could take some of the lake with you?" She cut two generous slices, placing them in a bin for her friends to take with them. The serenaded knife was brand new - Spook had bought it for her, with some comment about how she needed one herself.

That's something I'll buy for her next burpday.

"Thanks, that looks lovely."

"Well, see you soon, yes?" She ushered them out of the door, passing them their clocks. "I'm sorry you had to leave ... but I've a lot of work to do. Del's been nagging me to read FLOORED, and I suppose I'd better before she goes and writes a sequel."

"Oh, she's that amazing child prodigy writer, isn't she? I heard she's writing the third in the series - skipping the second, she said. It doesn't have a name yet, though." The lady smiled again. "Well, you'd better get on with it."

"Another!" Elo groaned. "Kill me now, please."

The End

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