Invitation to the Cake

SpookOfNight slogged down the path from her house to the mail box. Mud squished under her boots as the rain soaked through her clock.

Damn clock losing its weather proofing again! Got to get Elo to do her magic and retreat it. Preferably with the strongest stuff she can get her hands on.

Spook stopped at the mail box and peered inside. It was full. She really ought to pick it up more often, but between classes, writing and tearing down egos of army boys she had little time.

Time shmime, what a rhyme.

Muttering to herself she took the stack back inside out of the window. She tossed her clock to one side of the mud room and shucked her boots on top. Elorithryn kept insisting that’s why her clocks wore out so quickly, but bad habits were hard to break. Spook plopped down on the sofa next to her half eaten pizza. She shuffled her mail.

Love letter, love letter, love letter

Those went into the circular file. She never understood why the boys, whose egos she crushed, thought sending her love letters was appropriate.

Bill, bill, bill

Those were added to the pile of other bills. Her parents would be picking them up tomorrow for paying.

Letter from Del, yes!

Spook pulled out her Swiss Army Knife and opened up the serenaded blade. She cringed slightly. The thing needed to be sharpened, it was going flat. Still the knife did its job and neatly, well mostly neatly, opened the letter.

Actually it was an invitation. Delorfinde was throwing a little get together for her closest friends by the large cake. A picnic by the cake eating lake sounded like fun, if a bit odd.

Then again this is the land of typos. I wonder what disaster will befall us there. Likely someone will get lost in the icing, or worse, in the filling! Gosh I hope it’s not raspberry this time.

Spook always was the pessimist.

The End

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