A Clock Against The Window

(an in-joke, don't worry if you don't get it).

Elorithryn watched with a smile as two women walked through her door. They were old friends, though she found them rather annoying at time. However, she was impeccably polite, as always. It was only with really close friends - people like Spook and Delorfinde, who were the best friends one could wish - that she really let her hair down and got in touch with her inner self.

But these two women were friendly enough. After all, she had invited them to tea. It was Wednesday. It always was.

Without even thinking about it, the two of them threw their clocks so that they landed perfectly on the hooks provided, and turned to Elorithryn.

"Oh, hallo! I haven't seen you in a while, how've you been?" Their host duly examined the clocks with sceptical interest. She wasn't sure she approved - her visitors kept changing their clocks far too often. She was happy with the one she was given for her eighteenth birthday.

"I see you've a new clock - Victorian? Tut, tut. You're going downhill, my dear." She paused, hurrying them inside away from the fierce window. "Come inside, do. I've a lake all ready for you.

"But yes, I've been fine. Of course, in the land of typos nothing is ever normal, but I daresay I'll manage. I've been finding it rather absurd recently - had you noticed? The papers are reporting a rising in the numbers of clocks in the country, and lakes are apparently all the rage at tea parties, or birthday celebrations."

"No, really?" Kate was shocked, but Gilda said nothing. "Well, well. These people must learn to touch-type."

"Indeed. And your clock, Elo? Still using the same one?" Gilda gestured to the battered silver alarm clock on the kitchen table, which was looking rather worse for the wear.

"Oh, yes. It may not look like much, but it keeps me warm and dry, and that's what matters."

The End

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