Part Three of the funnyness


     "Right there. " I whispered.


     'THERE!"  I waved my finger furioulsy in the direction of the lockers where a tall thin blond girl stood chewing her gum and talking with her friends.

    "I don't see!"  Holly shook her head. I rolled my eyes. '

   "Are you blinde? Essa is right there!"

   Essa was a friend of my friend. and an enemy of my other friend. It was a wierd relationship with someone I hardly knew, but hey, thats middle school for ya. She had apperantly been making my friend kimi feel really terrible about herself. And that made me mad. So we had been arguing over the past few......months. About how mean she was, and yada yada yada. I alwayse tried to point her out to holly, but she never got a good look.

  "Okay, there are like, fifty people in this hallway, I don't know who you are pointing at!" Holly hissed.

   "The-the-the girl with the hair!"  I said quickly. Holly gave me a look.

   "Oh, that narrows it down, I was looking for a bald person!"  We both cracked up, I was practically on the floor.

   "The girl, with the bright green shirt by the locker near my classroom."  I finally got out. Holly squinted.

   "Ohhhhhh! Now I see her."

   "Yeah, that's essa."

   "I'm gonna go say hi."  And with that holly began to walk down the hall.

   "NO!"  I shrieked and nearly tore off her sholder trying to stop her. Holly yelped in pain and I nearly ripped her shirt.

   "What the crap I didn't know you had that in you!"  She burst out laughing.

   "Fear. It does that to me. " I shrugged.

   "I wasn't really going to say hi. I'm not that friendly."  Holly rolled her eyes.

  "Yeah, " I shook my head. "I know,"



    "Have you ever sighned the tardy log?"  I asked watching a student sighn it for about the fifth time in a row.

   "Once. But that wasn't my fault. It was when the sign on the door said to meet at the computor lab, and when I went no one was there.  Turns out my teacher had forgotten to write,  only fifth period.  on it. So I was late."

   "I havn't"  I said proudly. " Have you ever signed the sluff log?"

Holly cocked and eyebrow. "There isn't a sluff log."

   "Yes there is! When you sluff! You sign the...the..."

   "There is no sluff log." Holly said again. I looked down at my desk.


  "But you can make one."  Holly snickered.  "So when you sluff you can sign it all you want."  

   "Oh boy, my dream come true!"  I laughed. "I'm all panicked by the door signing my name everywhere because I feel so guilty."

  "Ripping your hair out and slobbering everywhere!"  Holly laughed.

  "And writing my name really big."

  "Only you wouldn't be writing your name, you would be writing sluff log."

 We both cracked up, even though to this day im not all that sure why. Maybe it was because I was so tierd in the morning.


The End

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