Part two of the funnyness


       It was getting really warm outside, and Ms. Davis had brought in cotton pods for us to clean out, as we were learnign about how black people were used as slaves a long time ago. We were put into groups of four afterwards to fill out work sheets on our opinions on slavery; (opinions? Yeah right, we are practically forced to say that we're against it or we are charged for racism)   Wile talking, holly happened to bring up how we had to do the pacer in P.E. today and how very unexited she was. (The pacer is when you have to run across the gym as many times as you can wile being timed to make it across in a certain amount of seconds.) I laughed,

   "Think positive, if you were a slave and never did the pacer, think of how unhealthy you would be."

  "What if the slaves DID do the pacer?"  Holly snickered.  "I mean, they could run across the cottonfield wile their master humms the music. 

  I burst into laughter as that image popped into my mind.  "You wouldn't last long would you?"  I asked. Holly shook her head,

    "No, I would probably die right there in the middle of the fileds."  She cried,

    "And everyone would have to hop over you."  We bothe doubled over laughing.     "And they could put rakes in the way as obsticals."

    "And afterwards the survivors would surround the campfire and dance. " We bothe mimicked the scene at the same time. And even the other people in the group were giggling.



      "Hey guess what happened over the weekend?"  I said walking into class monday morning. 


    "My cousen and I were playing with a laminator machine and a wasp flew in and we laminated it!"

    "No way!"  Holly gasped.  I nodded.  She laughed,  "Bring it in tommarrow!"  She said.  I did, and on tuesday we were both staring down at a dead wasp in plastic. She had changed her mind about wanting to keep it as soon as she saw the body fluids all over the place. 

   "I don't want it."  I said handing it to her. She shook her head.

   "I don't either, It smells bad."  I glanced over at Ms. Davis's desk.

    "Let's give it to ms. davis."  I laughed. Holly grabbed the wasp ran over, and leyed it on her keyboard. Then, bothe holding in sobs of laughter, we left the classroom to go to second period.  we never saw that wasp agai, and she never asked about it. So still to this day I have no idea what happened.


The End

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