A clegged Chesnut

this is basically a documentary of one of my crazy friendships. It's pretty funny what we come up with...

      I had just walked into my new history class for the second semester for my eighth grade year. And glanced around the classroom.  It was to my relief that There was someone I accually knew in here. Holly Clegg.  She had sat next to me in history last semester too. And We had offen connected tomogotchie's (which I don't even use any more) and she liked to joke about the comic book I was working on. I took my seet which happened to be right in front of her.

   "Hey Kaycee." She said I waved and set my stuff on the ground. Deciding that I wasn't going to like this half of the year much. Oh how very wrong I was....


    The very first day it started is still implanted clear in my mind.  We had been talking about our elimentary school years, and she mentioned how she had tripped and slammed her front teeth on a coat hanger and the teacher nearbye had laughed.

    "There was blood gushing from my mouth, and I was crying!" She giggled. "And the freaking teacher was  LAUGHING!"  

   I leaned my head on the desk gasping for breath I was laughing so hard. "That reminds me of fourth grade." I gasped. "I was walking down the hall when I suddenly felt vomit coming into my mouth. I covered my face with my hand and ran for the bathroom.  It was squirting betwine my fingers and everything! All over the floor!"

  I could hardly get the last part out I was laughing so hard.  Holly was bawling from laughter as well. "Really?" She cried;  I nodded, whiping my face.  We were both laughing so hard the teacher Ms. Davis asked if we needed to go out in the hall and calm down. We both nodded and went out into the empty hallway giggling.  We both got a drink, and after many fails because of spitting water all over the place with my laughing, I finally calmed down enough to go back inside. But it didn't help all that much.


   We were learning about the "Trail of tears." It had been quite a boering lesson in my opinion, and had nearly put me to sleep. Then we were given an assignment to fill out the answers about the "Trail of tears" then draw a picture about it at the bottom of the page.  I did any normal picture, a few people in a wagon and a horse pulling it.  Holly then leaned over to show me hers.

   "I don't think it's quite right." She mumbled, then with a chuckle, she drew a dead horse lying on the ground next to the wagon.

   "That's mean!" I squeaked. Holly burst into quiet strained laughter. 

  "It's what happened!" She choked, "Horses DID die!"

  "Yeah, but you don;t have to draw it!"  I chortled.  Just then the kids in the seats infront turned around and also gasped at the dead horse.

  "Awefull!" They laughed. "That's awefull!"

  "No!" Holly laughed. "I changed my mind, it's alive! look!"  She drew a big circle over the X'ed out eyes and put lines behind it to show it was running. "See? It's accually just running really fast!"  

   I burst into laughter. "Now it just looks like it's corpse is being smeared across the ground!"  

    We both shook with laughs, almost crying from the strain.  Again, Ms. Davis gave us the evil look. We tried to calm down, but it didn't help at all.

Read the other inside jokes in the next chapter!


The End

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