A Breach

        Roland woke up feeling cold and wet. He flailed around in the pitch blackness, finally gripping the comforting sturdiness of the steel warehouse shelves and swinging out of bed. His “bed” was sunken and soggy with water, the cereal boxes it was constructed out of having sagged towards the floor. He was shocked to feel his feet splash into water – icy water almost a foot deep. Still groggy with sleep, he wandered vaguely if his house was flooding. And then it hit him: his safe haven had finally been breached. He was going to drown here, alone and in the dark.

He sucked in the briny smell of seawater mixed with stale air and forced himself to calm down. He needed to think calmly. He still had time, after all. The warehouse was huge and it would probably take days to fill up. Probably.

He could hear a far-off trickling sound coming from somewhere, but the noise was weak and echoed by the shelves, and he had no idea where it was coming from. Obviously, his first step should be to get some light. He reached instinctively to his wrist and tapped his Coordinator and instantly a weak light filtered through the screen of the watch-like device, illuminating displays of the time and date, upcoming holidays, and outdated news from weeks ago, before the disaster. He tapped the screen again and at once the light became stronger and the beam spread out, illuminating the area around him.

A calm, mechanical voice from his Coordinator stated Error: cannot connect to network. And: Ten minutes of power remaining. Find light or other electro-magnetic radiation source for automatic recharge. He had ten minutes of light left. The chilled water lapped threateningly at his feet as he bleakly assessed his options.

The End

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