Rubie Carnelia Flare was bored. Again.

And she was hungry. Again.

She supposed that she was lucky. After all, if her school hadn't been so old fashioned with their punishments, and if she hadn't been caught trying to burn the school down - again - she wouldn't have ended up in the detention cell - again - and therefore would, with everyone else, been out on a field trip when the disaster happened, and wouldn't be alive.

But still, she wished she'd picked a better room to break into, rather than the staff room. Sure, it had food, but not much. She doubted it would last a week if she was careful, and Rubie wasn't good at careful.

She clicked her fingers and a small flame flickered into life at her fingertips. She'd volunteered for that - the fire experiment. Designed to create people who could live in fire. It hadn't gone according to plan. Well, she couldn't survive being badly burned, but she could create it.

And then she'd just had to sign up for the water experiment too. Which had also gone wrong. But in a much bigger way.

So, being pyrokinetic, trapped in a school several miles below the surface of the ocean, wasn't much of an advantage.

The End

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