A Circle's End

This is the story of a girl called Dawn. She's just your average 15 year old; worries about school, friends, her weight.. Then comes the day when the most basic thing in the world in the world throws her. She is crashed into while she's riding her bike by a hit-and-run driver. This is about when she sees her life flash before her, and she must confront everything that she has had to deal with. She's not dead, she's undecided.

What do you live for? Some live for the sake of living. Others live to die. And some live to be alive. Some live for money. Others live for comfort. And some live for power. Some live for passion. Others live for the thrill of fear. And some live for thirst of adrenaline. Some live for the search. Others live for the findings. And some live for hopelessness of results. Some live for the past. Others live for the present. And some live for the future. Me? I live for the anticipation of knowledge. There's nothing better than knowing you're going to know something, but not actually knowing what it is yet. It's so mouth-wateringly tantalising that it sends beautiful shudders down my spine. Ok, maybe I'm just weird like that, but I love it. Right, for example, a basic one, you're about 4 years old and your.. guardian has gotten you a present for Christmas, or Divali, or Hanukkah, or some other wonderful reason that seems to have brought everyone together. You don't know what it is, but you're dying to know, but at the same time you don't want to spoil the surprise.. Serious dilemmas confronting this puzzled toddler. But that amazing feeling that you don't know what's going to happen. A certain uncertainty. Talk about oxymorons, huh! This is why I love my life and why this idiot will not take it away from me. 

The End

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