A Church for a Wedding

Crystal and Mason are a christian couple looking to get married. She's a small town girl, his mom's a city socialite. Can they find the perfect church for a small wedding with out estranging Mason's mother?

The moment Crystal walked through the dark wooden doors she was in love.

“It’s perfect!”

Her hands caressed the worn wooden pews as she walked up the isle to the altar. Kneeling at the front she gazed up to the stained glass window. Christ the Shepherd looked down upon her with loving grace.

Mason wasn’t as sure as his fiancée. His analytical eye gazed about the space from the nave.

“It’s small,” he stated in trepidation.

“But can’t you feel the love?” Crystal spread her arms out wide as if she could embrace the small stone church.

“Well, yes,” Mason conceded as he strolled up the isle to join Crystal.

Stopping midway his eyes lifted to Jesus. He looked back down as Crystal took his hand in her own. Mason’s gaze went to her eyes and she smiled.

“Crystal,” her smile fell at his serious tone. “We’ve already halved the guest list, and...”

“You’re worried your mother will throw a fit again?” Sympathy flooded her eyes.

“You know she will,” he sighed.

Crystal gently pulled him back to where she had been kneeling. Gently she tugged him to join her at the rail. Mason knelt.

Lowering her gaze, Crystal folded her hands in silent in prayer. Mason looked up to where Jesus was pictured, tending his flock of sheep, one wayward lamb held in his embrace. With a mental apology for being stray for so long, Mason prayed for his mother’s acceptance of this change in plans.


“How many?” Mason’s mother asked for the fifth time.

“No more than a hundred, mother,” Mason replied. “Anymore than that and there would be no room for the wedding party...”

“According to Father Goodwind,” his mother completed.

“Yes,” Mason nodded, trying to suppress his sigh.

Crystal gave him a sympathetic kiss as she passed by with a load of laundry. As the silence lengthened, Mason knew his mother had just about exhausted every complaint.

“I still believe,” she stated, “that you should use our Church.”

“Mother!” Mason just about stood from his chair, “You know Crystal’s family can’t travel that far. Especially,” he quickly continued, “her Aunt Victoria, who goes to this church.”

“She doesn’t have to go.”

“We want her to go, mother.” Mason made a grimacing face at Crystal.

Crystal laughed silently, before mock praying. It wasn’t a bad idea, so Mason asked for some patience.

“Look,” Mason spoke again, “Aunt Victoria introduced the two of us. There wouldn’t be a wedding if it hadn’t been for her.”

The sound of tapping came through the phone, though his mother didn’t say a word.

“Surely you can pare your list down to fourty-five people?” Mason asked

Crystal took his hand and held it tight. The silence felt deafening.

“All right, I will see what I can do.” His mother spoke at last. “No promises.”

The End

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