Part 1

Julia gets lost on the campus of St. Godrick's College and finds herself in the midst of a mysterious and magical adventure.

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh!

Julia loudly sang the song while the rest of the kids on the bus dully mumbled along. She seemed to be the only one excited for the field trip. They were going to St. Godric's College for “Career Day.”

Julia's friend, Tommy, was sitting next to her and said, “This trip is a waste of time. I already know what I'm gonna be when I grow up.”

“Oh, ya?” Julia said. “What's that?”

“I'm gonna be a baseball player, a basketball player, an architect, and a doctor.”

“All at the same time?” Julia asked.


Claudia, who was sitting in the seat in front of them, turned around and said, “Yeah, I already know what I'm gonna be too. I'm gonna be a lawyer, just like my dad.”

David, who was sitting next to Claudia, also turned around and said, “I'm gonna be an archaeologist, like Indiana Jones.  Dum-duh dum-duuhhhhh, dum-duh duuuhhhhh! What do you want to be Julia?”

“I don't know. That's what this field trip is for, right?”

They drove through the Rhode Island college town, which was richly covered in snow and decorated with Christmas lights. There were lots of fun shops and restaurants to look at, but the town was mostly deserted since the college students were already on vacation.

The bus finally came to a halt and their teacher, Mrs. Campbell, stood up. She clapped her hands in a pattern, which the children echoed.

“Alright everyone. We're here at Saint Godric's College. Make sure to carefully get off the bus and follow myself and the chaperones to Godric Hall, where the guest lectures will take place. Its about one o'clock now, so we should be ready to leave at around 5. Any questions? No? Okay then, let's get going.”

The children scrambled off the bus and followed the chaperones to the entrance of the campus, which was marked by a a large stone archway that read Saint Godric of Finchale College.

The college was a vast maze of Romanesque buildings. It had a very old, classical feel to it, with colorful stained glass windows, detailed statues and elaborate columns that formed the edge of the hallways.

They eventually arrived at a plaza surrounded by several buildings, the tallest of which looked like a large chapel. This was Godric Hall. Right when they were about to enter, Mrs. Campbell received a phone call. She stopped the class and took out her cell,

“What? Anita isn't going to be able to make it?...Well what about Frank...him too?...Okay fine...yes we can wait.”

She hung up the phone and turned to the class, “Everyone I'm sorry, but the first guest speakers had to cancel.”

“So we get to go home?” Tommy said, hopefully.

“No, that means we are going to have to wait an hour until the next speaker arrives.”

The whole class groaned.

“Hey Tommy catch this!” one of the kids yelled.

A snowball came flying and pelted him right in the face. The class erupted in laughter, and before long all the kids were running around and throwing snowballs at each other. Mrs. Campbell eventually intervened when she saw that one of the kids had a bloody nose, so they had to settle for a less violent game, hide and seek.

Tommy was “it” and he started counting. Julia ran to the outer edge of the plaza and found a great hiding spot behind a bush. After several minutes, she heard Tommy yelling her name, “Julia, Julia! Come out, game over!”

She wasn't going to fall for it. It was too soon for the game to be over. Tommy always tricked her by pretending that the game was over in order to lure her out. It wasn't going to work this time.

Eventually Tommy stopped calling and Julia stayed where she was. She checked her watch. 5 minutes went by, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Okay, the game is probably over by now, she thought to herself. She ran back to the plaza, but it was completely empty.

Thinking they might have already gone inside, she ran up to Godric hall, and opened the front door. Still no one. She was starting to worry now, but then realized there must be some sort of lecture room that everyone was in. Walking down the hallway, she found it. There were two large double doors marked “Lecture Hall.” She carefully opened one of the doors, peered inside, and her heart dropped. The lecture hall was barren. Not a single person in sight.

The End

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