A Choice

Writen from the perspective of my unborn baby.

A Choice

I am surrounded by softness and warmth

I float around in a graceful dance

I am sedated by the humming vibrations

Oh the joy of the constant satisfying sensations


Curiosity arises as I hear and feel a voice

Is it me?

 No, but it is a part of me I'm sure

And there is that other one so deep and solid

And then another and another

One on top of the other running so fast


I call out, does anyone hear

 I kick and punch in attempt to be revealed

And then, there it is, a touch, an energy so real, a force beyond 

Overjoyed, I realize that there is more to my receiving


A force is pulling me,

I am a magnet being drawn down

Something powerful and omniscient is ahead

Fear flashes, as I let it pass me by

Instead I grab on to belief and surrender

For I know I am yet complete

The End

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