Blossom Three

Sitting in my bedroom with my Calculus textbook propped open and my notebook full of scribbles trying to explain formulas and answers, my mind wanders to Sora and that mysterious guitar player. 

I didn't see him at all for the rest of the day and I was too scared to ask Sora about him. Maybe he was one of those popular boys that new girls shouldn't even be thinking about, especially since I came in so late in the four years of high school. He's probably dating Carly, since she's the most popular girl in the school, but for some reason he doesn't seem the type to go to someone just because of their status. 

I sigh and put my chin on my palm after resting my elbow on the white desk. He couldn't be dating Sora, since I think it would be too weird for two people who look so much alike to be dating. How can there be two incredibly beautiful people in one school? I mean, I know that every school has their pretty girls and jock guys, but nothing like the two Asian mixed students here. Somehow, I feel like I am missing some part of the bigger puzzle. Something huge that would help make things so much easier to understand. 

The sound of the t.v. from the living room brings me back to the here and now, forcing all thoughts of Sora and Guitar Guy from my mind. My mom's breakdown this afternoon broke my heart since I knew that all I could do was be there for her. I wish I could take her pain away and keep it all to myself like a selfish child. 

Closing my eyes, I roll my neck, easing the tense muscles that always plague me when I think about my mom's sadness. After re-opening my eyes, I cast a glance around my new bedroom. It's not as large as the one back in Burlington, but at least it isn't as old. The walls are white with the fresh paint that mom and I had used to cover up the ugly orange colour that the last tenants had used. My twin-sized bed is unmade and the bright red duvet sits haphazardly at the foot of the bed. Various picture frames hang from the walls and the bookshelves above my desk. 

When I first moved here with mom, we had acted optimistic, though we knew we were just running away. I remember walking in here for the first time after we were done moving everything in and looking at all of the boxes, big and small, that dotted the floor. I knew then that my new life had to begin here, if not for myself, then for my mom who needed this change so desperately.

I turn my laptop on and let it load while trying to regain my concentration. Math was never my strong-suit but I might need it for university. The teacher, Mr. Rellings, apparently loves to send us home with assignments on the first day that are too hard for us to complete. I'm currently only on question number four out of the ten he gave us after a couple of hours. I still have readings to do for my History class and my English class, let alone Spanish homework, which I don't even want to look at. 

After finally completing my fourth math question, I turn to my laptop. I check my email and find nothing but junk emails from sites that promise weight loss solutions and free money. Where are my friends and why won't they message me?

I turn on my messenger and am surprised to see a friend request from Sora. I click "accept" and wait, but she doesn't come online. In fact, none of my best friends are online even though they always were before at around this time. Defeated, I turn back to my unending amount of homework. I'm about to start question five when a high-pitched beep sounds from my computer. 

-Hey, how r u?

I stare at the screen, frozen.

-R u there?

-Yeah, sorry.

-Gooood! I'm glad u gave me ur email, i really needed an escape. :)

I read over her reply several times, feeling that same curiosity pumping through me from when I first met Carly. 

-Oh, no problem! Escape from what??

I can see that she is typing, since messenger let's me know that she is typing out a message. It takes her a few minutes to answer me, but when she does I know that it isn't what she had originally meant to send me.

-Just stress, u know how crazy school is 4 us Seniors.

While eating lunch Sora had told me that she was in fact a senior that had opted to help Miss. Baker during her free period. At the time, I had felt an odd sense of sadness since I knew she would be gone after this year, leaving me alone all over again. 

-Yeah, that's true.

-So I've been wondering if u would like 2 maybe hang out sometime.
-Outside of school.

I can read her meaning clearly. She doesn't want others to see us hanging out unless it's about school business, like guiding me to my classes. 

-Are you sure?
-I mean, I'd love to, only if it's no problem? 

A few more minutes pass before she responds.

-It's fine, no problem at all. Then 2morrow we can hangout, after ur last class is done, meet me by the caf, kk?

-Okay, see you there!

-Ttyl! :))

Several seconds later, Sora signs in and sets her status to busy, intending for me to see it as a sign that our conversation is over. After hours of trying to do homework and not think about Sora or Guitar Guy, I fail miserably at focusing on my studies and lose myself in thoughts of beautiful strangers. 

The End

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