Facing the Elders. Getting the truth...

Millianna looked up from the conversation she was having with one of the customers and saw the guards. There clothes were brighter and much more richer than Milliannas. Combined plastic with some sheets of metal, it was shaped like the  chests of the men. Their hair and heads are covered with a white bandana with three small circles. This was the sign of the Elders that governed the island. The mid long piece of cloth, white in colour, was as bright as the clouds up in the sky. 

Millianna knew why they had come. She dared to question in public about the world before. She was ready to take them on, and not just them, the Elders. Even if it meant death, it would be worth it. Standing tall, she watched them get closer. The sound of their thumping feet, all in rhyme with each-other. 

As Millianna stepped forward, Nair grabbed her arm and pulled her into the back, pushing the plastic door too. Henry stood, almost like guarding it. "What the in name are you doing? I'm ready for them" her voice was sharp and deep. Millianna was clearly not happy. Why should they hide her? She was not frightened of them or the Elders. She was ready to face them and get the answers that she had longed for. Even those that were personal to her. Nair looked out of the gap that he had left from shutting the door too.  They were a few foot steps away. Nair looked back at MJ. Her face said it all "They are not taking you. You should have kept your mouth shut.I knew this would happen one day. Your bloody curiosity... " Nair stopped as he watched the head guard halt his troop and began to talk to Henry. 

Henry began  to shake. He had never had this trouble at his door before. "Are you the keeper of this tavern?" The head guard's voice was deep, bold, but plain. He showed no expression on this face. This was what they did. This put fear into the people. "Yes I am sir. What seems to be the trouble?" his voice was shaky. 

The guard gazed around the tavern seats. The people hid their heads. "We have been informed that someone, known as MJ was speaking out of term and delving into the past. We are here to take this person to see the Elders to face their crime. Where is this person?"

Henry didn't know what to say or do. If he says that Mili didn't work here, he would be challenged and told that he is lying. His eyes darted from left to right. Beads of sweat began to roll down from his brow. "Mil...MJ is off work today. Not too well..." The guard stepped forward. "Don't lie to us old man. We know the person was here and could possibly still be here.

She could not take this anymore. Though Nair tried to stop her, Millianna pushed him out of the way and marched out "You looking for me?" she said. Placing herself  in front of Henry, she turned and smiled at him, reassuring him it was okay. Henry, for the first time shed a small tear. 'What will they do to her?' he thought.

The guards eyes never left Milli. If he wasn't working, he would have asked her to have a drink with him. 'Why does it always have to be the good-looking ones?' He thought. "Are you know as MJ?" he asked "Yes I am sir. Take me to the Elders and lets get this over with" Millianna moved from around the bar and stood square with the guard. He was trying his hardest not to smirk. He really liked her. She had guts, but he had to take her to see the Elders. "This way madam" Gripping her upper left arm, Millianna was led towards the Elders temple-caven. The troop followed. Everyone from the tavern and the people around all gazed as rumors began to spread. These rumors managed to work their up to where the Elders were situated.

Up high within the caverns, lies imbedded with the rocks is the temple of the Elders.   This grand building was carved with pieces of stone, metal and wood, that flows through. Many of the people on the island would have given anything to have a home like that. Within one of the many rooms, sat the men that governed the island and its people. Their ages ranged from mid-seventies to the youngest being twenty-six. Their clothes were long white gowns with gold like thread tied around the middle. The joining three circles were above the thread,  upon their chests. Their heads were covered by the same white bandana as the guards. 

The eldest and wisest of the six sat listening to his friends comment on the rumors that had flown to them about the out-spoken young woman, who dared to question. 'Why can't people just leave things as they are?' He thought. His old eyes, a dimmer shade of blue than what they used to be gazed across the room towards the youngest member. His grandson. This young, well-built man was soon to take his place as the head elder of the island. At the moment, he was in the final stage of his learning. His train of thought was brought to a halt when the young servant entered the room "They have brought her in my lords. The young girl is in the chamber" With a bow of his head, he left quickly. "Well my friends, let us be making a move" They all began to move towards the large wooden door that was feet from them. "Would you like me to watch as usual Grandfather?" the youngest asked as he moved beside his relative. "Yes my boy. In the shadows as usual" They then entered the grand chamber...

The End

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