Just A Days Work?

Her grandmother's voice began to fade softly as Millianna gazed out of the window. Her mind drifting more and more into thought, wondering what the world could have been like if the changes had not have happened.

'Would the sea and sky be finally seperated with the site of tall buildings?'

'Would cars, trains and other motor things still roam the lands on...oh what was it called?'

Millianna sighed, not realising that her grandmother had stopped talking and was now stood at her side. She was only a small women, about four foot, eight inchs. Her mid- long silver-white hair, plattied fell softly over her shoulder. A brown dress, that only went to her knees that was covered in bits of plastic and other materials hung from her small frame. Years show on her face as the wrinkles ran deep into her face. She smiled as she placed her frail hand upon her great-grand-daughters shoulder.

Millianna jumped at her action. Bring her back down to earth with a might bump. To Millianna, it felt like she had just jumped off a cliff. Millianna smiled at the old woman. Wishing she could have seen the world as she once did. "Don't you think you should get to work sweetie?" Millianna looked out of the window again "Oh no. I had better not be late otherwise Henry will go mad. Bye Grandmother" She kissed the cheek of her grandmother and ran out of the door. Rosetta smiled as she sat once again on her small stool, her old blue eyes looking at the pictures she held so dear.

Millianna ran across the stoney- sand like ground towards the small shack that was just a few feet from her. Slowing down, she looked upon the people that were sat waiting for the food and drinks. It was not the most of glamours of places, but it was somewhere to work, eat and have fun at. The wooden-plastic structure was held by chuncky beams, with plastic sheeting that laid so delicatly over as a roof. Different pieces of wood and plastic than formed two small rooms looked like they could fall down at any minute. Millanna sighed as she walked slowly behide the wooden bar. Many friendly faces greeted her. That is one thing about the job that she loved. The people. In this strange and struggling time, the people all pulled together. Nair, a five foot ten inch, well toned man stood with arms open for Millianna. His jet black short hair, swept to the lift cause Millianna to chuckle. He had a thing for changing his hair day in, day out. A creamy- vest like top, that bagged slightly over his body. Brown leather material formed baggy shorts that had to be tied off with a thing piece of string. "How are you this fine morning MJ?" His voice was slightly husky, but deep. The type that would make any woman melt in to his arms. Millianna fell into his arms for a friendly embrace. God she loved him to bits. He was like a brother to her, though as Nair held her, he wished it could be more. "I am fine thank you hunnie. Where's Henry?"

They pulled apart and began to tidy up some of the plates that began to clutter the bar top. "He's in the back doing the food. How come you came to work dead on time? Your usually here before me!" Nair laughed, along with Millianna. This was true, she was an early bird. "Oh I was listening to my grandmother about the days of old, before the world changed" "Oh so you are here? I was beginning to wonder if for once, you would be late" a voice said from behide Millianna. As she turned a small four foot man, chubby in a large piece of white cloth and a long greyish beard gazed at Millianna. Slowly waddling towards the bar, he leaned against the one of the wooden post. She smiled "Good day Henry. How are you?" Coughing Henry replied "Fine thank you Milli. Now what's this about your grandmother telling you about the world as it once was? You know its forbidden"

Millianna sighed as she began to explain what she was told. She loved hearing the stories. She was the one who always asked her grandmother to tell her. Millianna even said about the pictures that her grandmother had permission to hold on to. All the time that the words flowed from her mouth, someone hidden under a black cloak was listening intently. "I just wanted to know about the world once before as I don't understand why it had to change for the worse. All these rules and having permission for having memories. Why can't we all be told the truth?" Many of the customers fell silent as they listened to the brave words of the young girl. "I mean, why? Why are we not allowed to look into the past to understand more about the world? Why can't we travel and see if there is anyone else out there. We can not be the only island of people left in the world" With that the cloaked person, quickly disappeared into the distance. 

No one said anything. For once, Henry was speechless. With that, only small conversations filled the bar air. Nair became worried, but dared not to say anything. Suddenly, what sounded like distant thunder began to get louder and louder. Henry looked up. His jaw fell open as he could see the Elders guards heading towards his bar. "Milli. Get in the back now"...

The End

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