A Changed, Mysterious World

The world is not what anyone had thought it would be. They had tried to fight the changes of the decaying planet, but they were too little too late.

Millianna Jones, a young women who never saw these changes can only imagine what the world once looked like threw the pictures that her great-Grandmother held on to. Her jade- green eyes widen as she listened intently to the words that flowed from the eldely woman who sat before. Her golden blonde hair, straight and long, flowed over her sholder, like water once flowed over the smooth rocks, that are now hardly seen. There clothes were made from whatever material they could find. Millianna looked down at hers. She only wished she could have had the clothes like what her Grandmother used to wear. A dark brown tank- like top gazed back. Sown with other bits of brown material. The handmade string was so bold you could have easily seen it in the dark. Her legs were covered by a bigger piece of material that looked like a long skirt. Old buttons of all different shapes, sizes and colours then decorated it. Her feet were again covered with the same sort of brown material, but made to look like sandles. All these clung to her slim, but curvy figure.

Millianna sighed as she slowly stood up and wandered over to the window of there little hut. Her grandmothers voice still filled the air. 'why did things have to change?' she thought...

The End

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