A Change Of Heart

Flash from the past, to Christopher Columbus time. This is about the indigenous people that live in the forests. Many hatred towards each other, lies, from the White Americans.

         In an Indian village, there were two young men, brothers, hunting game in the forest. When they came to the edge of the forest they saw white clouds floating on the sea, so they ran back to their village and pointed to the edge of their village.

Then they saw the white clouds pull up on shore, and men started to get off, and started walking towards the indigenous people. One man named Carter was very pleased to see them, and Carter can translate, he can speak their language, even though they already know English. They brought goods to trade, so they started trading.

   Some of the men gave the women jewelry, beads, mirrors, brushes, and gave the men hats and clothes. They young women and men thought the grown ups looked funny in the hats and coats. Except one young man, he stood in the back with his arms crossed watching the pale faces. His name is Grey Wolf, he didn't like the man they call Cortez, there was hatred and evil in Cortez's eyes and that fake smile. Grey Wolf knew he was trouble but did not say anything, or do anything, because there were to many pale faces.

"Watch out for that one," pointed Cortez towards Grey Wolf.

When they were done trading, Cortez asked if a couple of  strong men would help carry some of their things to the ship. Grey Wolf knew something was not right, so his brother, and himself, and four other Indians carried things to the ship. When they were on he ship, they looked around and saw how big it was, and all the men on the ship were ugly, and mean looking. One of the crew members told them to go down and put the stuff down. They went down and looked around. Black Bear looked in the corner and saw another Indian tied up.

 The ship started moving, they dropped everything and ran back up the ship, and started fighting, the Indians started yelling and screaming from shore, the rest of the warriors on shore grabbed there canoes and went out to help there young warriors, some of the warriors started shooting there arrows, and throwing there tomahawks, some of the warriors on this ship got loose and jumped off the ship and swam towards the canoes to help, but the ship was moving to fast, and they stopped. Grey Wolf and Black Bear were still fighting to get off the ship, but there were to many strong men and only two of them.

Finally two men grabbed Black Bear and pushed him to down to the ground and made him stay down. Grey Wolf was still fighting to get free, then Cortez quickly grabbed a gun with a knife on the end of it, and stabbed Grey Wolf in the leg, he went down. The crew quickly grabbed Grey Wolf and threw him down in the docks, also Black Bear.

Black Bear helped Grey Wolf up and sat him down against the wall of he ship, and wrapped his leg with a cloth that was already down there.

"They tricked you also," asked Kicking Bear?

"Yes, you also," asked Black Bear?

"Yes, they came to my village, the Mohawks and traded with us, then tricked me, my men escaped," said Kicking Bear.

"What do they want," asked Grey Wolf trying not to show any pain?

"I don't know," said Kicking Bear.

Then Carter came down with food and sat it down next to them and walked away. Then they felt the ship stopped, the started to open. The crew went down and tied them up and brought them up on deck. They were in England, in an unfamiliar place, standing there was thousands of people and buildings, and these things they called horses.

Then a carriage pulled up, a man with white and gold clothing came out of the carriage. They brought a ladder down and he walked up the ladder and onto the ship. When he reached the top he saw the indigenous men, he circled around them, then he looked at Carter.

"There naked?" asked Sir Austin.

"Yes, sir, there Indians, they do not dress like we do sir," said Carter.

Sir Austin tried to touch the feather on Grey Wolfs head and Grey Wolf tried to bite his fingers, Cortez quickly kicked Grey Wolf in his leg and made him almost go down but he didn't.

"Bring them down and into my office," asked Sir Austin?

So Cortez walked all three of them to his office. When they arrived they threw them in a cell and closed the door.

"Fascinating, aren't they," asked Sir Austin.

"Yes they are sir, but they should be united, they are not animals sir," said Carter.

"Follow me," said Sir Austin.

"Look down there, that is an animal," Sir Austin pointing at a Grizzly Bear.

Sir Austin went down to the arena and said,

"People of England, I have a show for you, savages, in a new world of England, come bring them," demanded Sir Austin to Cortez.

So Cortez smiled, and brought all three of them out, Cortez untied them, and shoved them off the ledge and into the pit with the Grizzly Bear. When they landed into the arena, all the women gasped, they were frightened, and then silence.

"Here a new species, the savages," said Sir Austin.

The Grizzly bear was chained up to a post, and stood up on his two legs. All three men looked at the Grizzly bear and back at each other.

Black Bear started singing, and it got real quiet. The Grizzly bear got back down on all fours, and laid down and was calm. Grey Wolf slowly went and pulled the post out as Black Bear was still singing. Then Black Bear stopped singing, and all three of them ran and jumped into the stands. The bear woke up and started running towards the stands, but could not get up there, he was not tall enough. Everybody was screaming, and running, and grabbing there children.

"Get them now," shouted Sir Austin!

All three of them were running on top of roof tops. Carter was running and jumped in a boat and waiting on them. All three of them saw boats and quickly ran and jumped off the roof tops and onto the ground, and ran towards the boats, they jumped in, and paddled away quickly from the city. 

Grey Wolf was in pain, but was not showing it, from all that running and jumping, he was still bleeding from his leg.

"Here, brother, get into the water and hand on to the side of the boat," said Black Bear.

"Why," said Carter.

"Because the water has salt in it, its salt water," said Black Bear.

So Grey Wolf got out of the boat and into the salty water, he hung onto the boat as they paddled up stream and the salt water started to burn.

They were still traveling on the sea, Black Bear helped Grey Wolf back in. His leg was kind of numb from the salt, but it still was bleeding, not as bad. Kicking Bear spotted a familiar place on the shore.

"This is my village," said Kicking Bird

"Farewell, good journey," said Black Bear.

"You also my friend," said Kicking Bird.

"I'll leave this boat with you, and I'll ride with them," said Black Bear.

So they left and went on their way, they finally saw land and more forests, so they paddled up stream and went to shore. They got out and started walking. As they were walking, Black Bear told Grey Wolf to stop and he did. Black Bear bent down and grabbed some sand it also had salt in it. And it put it inside the wound, and it started soaking up the blood and it stopped bleeding for now.

Then they came to an opened field in the middle of the forest and saw a cabin house.

"Carter, what if they shoot at us," asked Black Bear.

"Stand behind me," said Carter slowly walking towards the cabin.

Then a girl came out and looked up.

"Pa, Ma, someone's coming," said Carrie.

So Carries parents came out.

"Hello ma'am, we were wandering if you have a spare bed room we could stay in, and this boy need medical attention," said Carter.

"Yes, hurry come inside," said the woman in kind gentle voice.

They brought Grey Wolf into the bed room, and she doctored Grey Wolf's leg and handed him a plate of foo, and they all went into the kitchen and they ate also.

"Mother may I go eat with the Indian boy, he is probably lonely," asked Carrie.

"Alright, but when you both are finished, take his plate and let him rest," said the woman.

"Yes momma," said Carrie.

"Thank you ma'am for your hospitality," said Carter.

"Your welcome," said the woman.

"So how old are you? What's your name," asked Carrie.

"I don't know, my name is Grey Wolf."

"My name is Carrie, I'm seventeen years of age," said Carrie.

"Honey, take his plate, he needs to rest," said Carrie's mother.

"Alright mother," said Carrie grabbing his plate and taking it to the kitchen and she washed the dishes. Black Bear and Carter were very tired, so they walked into Grey Wolfs room and went to bed.

 Next morning everybody woke up and ate breakfast. Grey Wolf woke up and got out of bed and walked to the kitchen.

"Brother you should still be in bed," said Black Bear.

"I okay, it doesn't hurt," said Grey Wolf.

"That's good, join us please," said the man.

So Grey Wolf sat down and started eating. When they were finished the woman took the plates and washed them.

"Mother can I show Grey Wolf around the farm," asked Carrie.

"Yes, but don't walk to much, his leg still needs time to heal proper," said the woman.

"Yes mother," said Carrie.

So they went outside and Carrie started to show Grey Wolf around her farm. Then when they went around to the front they saw men on horses.

"Who is that," asked Carrie.

"A bad man," Grey Wolf quickly grabbed Carrie by the arm and they went through the back door.

"Brother," said Grey Wolf.

"I know, I see them," said Black Bear.

Carter stepped out.

"What are you doing," asked Carter?

"You know," said Cortez.

"Please leave my land sir," asked the man?

"Not until I get my savages," said Cortez in anger.

"Please, I have a daughter and wife, do not harm them in front of us," said the man.

"Alright, you herd the man Cortez," said Carter.

"I will be back, lets go," Cortez going back to his ship.

"They are leaving," said Carter.

"Good," said the woman.

"We must be going now, we don't want any harm to come to you and your family," said Black Bear.

"Oh, please stay, its no trouble," said the woman.

"No, we must be going, we are very close to our home, come look," Black Bear taking them down in the forest, then they came across a hill and climbed up and looked over.

"See that is my village, my home," said Black Bear.

"Mother I didn't realize how close we really were," said Carrie in amazement.

"Me either," said the man.

"We must go," said Black Bear walking down towards the village.

"I guess we won't be seeing each other anymore," asked Carrie?

"We will," Grey Wolf kissed Carrie on the head and walked towards his home.

Carter stayed with them. As they came down the hill into more forests, they walked through the forest and reached there village. Everybody saw them and greeted them with smiles and relief. They sat down and told everybody about there journey and what they have seen, it was late and everyone went to bed.

Next morning young Indian boy was playing in the sand on the shore, when he quickly saw a ship on the sea and ran to his village.

The man on the ship was not there to trade, they were there for the women and young girls. As the men arrived in their village they started shooting and taking the women  and young girls, and burning there homes.

All the men were fighting, shooting guns, and throwing tomahawks, trying to help there children and wives, so they pushed them closer to the shore, as they were trying to get them back, the ship turned and started firing from the cannons, all the warriors ducked and ran, they have never seen anything like them. And the ship sailed away.

Carter was sitting on the porch when he heard all the shooting and he ran.

"We have to go after them," angered Grey Wolf.

"No, its dangerous," said Black Bear.

"Are you afraid," asked Grey Wolf?

"No," said Black Bear.

"I know where they are going to take them," asked Carter?

"Where," asked Black Bear?

"To England, to show them to the people, like the did you," said Carter.

"We have to stop them, we have to stop them on the sea," said Black Bear.

"But how," asked Grey Wolf?

"We go behind the ship, because they wont have the time to turn the ship on its side to shoot a us," said Carter.

"We also can join our tribe with another tribe and fill they sky with fire," said Grey Wolf.

"Good idea, lets do it," said Black Bear.

So Grey Wolf and Black Bear went to other villages and went to Kicking Bears and told him what is going on. So Black Bear's warriors and Kicking Bear's warriors all got into there canoes and went out to sea.

They caught up with the ship from behind, all the men were busy on deck, and they put the women under the deck. One woman looked through a small hole in the ship and saw thousands of her people, and another tribe.

As the men were clearing the deck, then the sky was filled with fire, piercing some of the men aboard, they all scattered and reached for there weapons and started shooting.

Kicking Bear yelled "FIRE!" AND they filled the sky with fire again, everybody was injured or killed, and the ship was burning. Grey Wolf pulled himself up a rope that was hanging on the edge and climbed up it, and quickly went and grabbed the women and children off the ship before it all went up in smoke.  They went back and took there women home.

"Thank you for helping us," said Black Bear.

"Your welcome friend," said Kicking Bear.

Kicking Bear and his warriors went home.

Carter smiled and walked away, Grey Wolf turned and watched Carter leave, so Grey Wolf ran towards him to catch up with him.

"Is she still there," asked Grey Wolf?

"Yes, they would love to see you again," said Carter.

So they walked through the forest and saw the cabin, Mary was sitting outside on the porch, looking towards the forests. Then she saw Carter and Grey Wolf, she got up and ran and jumped into Grey Wolf's arms, they hugged and he put her down.

"I thought you'd never come back," said Carrie.

"I told you I would come soon," smiled Grey Wolf.

Carries parents came out and smiled and invited him, he stayed and ate with them. When they were finished Carrie and Grey Wolf went outside.

"Come on, I want you to see my village up close," said Grey Wolf.

"Mom Grey Wolf is going to show me his village, may I go," asked Carrie?

"Yes, but be careful," said Mother.

  So Grey Wolf took Carrie to his home, when they arrived Black Bear greeted her with a smile.

" Welcome," greeted Black Bear.

"Thank you," said Carrie. 

"So this is my home," said Grey Wolf.

"It's beautiful and so big," smiled Carrie looking around.

  As Carrie was looking around, this one warrior was starring at Carrie full of hatred and anger.

" That man doesn't seem to like me being here," worried Carrie.

" Stay away from him, he doesn't care much for pale faces, don't worry, he won't come near you as long as I am standing here," said Grey Wolf starring at the warrior.

" Why," asked Carrie?

" He knows what I can do, see that scare across his chest," asked Grey Wolf?

" Yes," said Carrie.

" I did that with my knife, he would always want to fight me, so I made him where he wouldn't do it again," said Grey Wolf watching him walk away.

" Oh," said Carrie.

" Come on, I'll take you home," said Grey Wolf.

  So he took her home, he walked her up to the porch and they both smiled at each other. Grey Wolf reached over and stroked her hair, putting a piece behind her ear, then he kissed her. 

" Goodbye," smiled Grey Wolf.

" Goodbye," Carrie had big smile on her face. 

Grey Wolf walked back to his village. 

"So," asked Black Bear?

" Nothing," smiled Grey Wolf.

   It started getting late, so everybody went to bed. It started raining, a bad storm swept through the village and on the sea. Cortez and his crew were on the sea during that storm. It was rocking the ship and water was splashing on deck, men on deck were shouting and running, pulling on ropes and tying things down.

Then the sail ripped, everybody quickly ran towards the sail and started pulling on ropes, then the ship swiped the edge of a boulder and blew a hole under deck, there was water gushing into the bottom and it started sinking. All the men jumped out some jumped to close as it was sinking and couldn't swim fast enough to get away from underneath it, they drowned. Some stayed on the ship as it was going down. Cortez quickly swam towards a board that was floating and got on top of it. He looked around and had no clue where he was he couldn't see it was so dark. 

 Next morning a little Indian  boy and a girl were playing in the warm sand when the little girl pointed out to sea.  The boy was not afraid, so he waited until that thing came closer. Cortez got closer to shore, he was laying down on a piece of wood, the boy told the little girl to get the grown ups while he pulls Cortez out of the water. So she ran back to the village and tugged on Black Bears long hair and pointed. 

Black Bear, Grey Wolf looked and saw the boy struggling to get something out of the water. So they ran to help the boy pull  Cortez out of the water. When they got him out they rolled him over on his back.

" Its Cortez," said Black Bear.

" He is skin and bones," said Grey Wolf. 

"Come on brother, help me walk him over to our village," Black Bear picking him up?

"Why," asked Grey Wolf?

"Brother, he needs our help, fine I'll do it," said Black Bear throwing Cortez across his shoulders. 

"But he tried to kill us, now you want to help him, he wouldn't help us, he would have left us there," said Grey Wolf.

"Once he recovers he will see how we truly are, that were not savages, he will see that he doesn't have to fear us," said Black Bear laying him down in his house. 

"What? Where am I," asked Cortez trying to get up?

"Your safe, bring me some food and water," asked Black Bear to the woman?

Grey Wolf was standing at the entrance with his arms crossed.

"What happen to your men," asked the Chief?

" They all drowned in the sea, my ship hit a rock and it started sinking, i am the only survivor," said Cortez. 

The woman came back with food and water. 

" Here drink this, it's water," said Black Bear.

" Thank you," said Cortez.

" You will stay with us until you heal, then you can leave or stay. If you do go back, tell your people that they have no reason to fear us," said Black Bear. 

" Thank you again, when I thought I was going to die? I started to think? the Indians are human beings just like us, they to have wives, children a family. that they do things that we do just differently. Will you forgive a bad man, for my eyes are now opened," asked Cortez?

"Yes, you are forgiven, you are right, we do, do the same things you do, we just do it differently than you do," said Black Bear. 

"Yes my people of England need to see that, we are all human beings, we all came from the same Creator, we are connected in one big circle," said Cortez. 

"Yes," smiled," Black Bear getting up and going outside. 

They ate outside and were full. 

Cortez healed, he never did go back to England, he liked it here to much, so they adopted him into there nation, he had a change of heart, he saw that they truly were kind people, and not like the ones they heard about in books or stories. They also tell great stories.





The End

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