The King's Courtiers

Bradley had been serving the King since before he donned the crown. his services were very hush-hush. He visited the King through a secret door and only under cover of darkness. Anyone who saw him was found deceased the next morning after having a "bad accident".

Bradley knew all there was to know about ruling a kingdom. He knew every personteh King had stepped on to get here. He had killed them all. He was the King's assassin. And he felt the King was getting too comfortable on his throne. He had been called upon less and less. His earnings were spread thinner and his purse was dangerously light these days.

So, Bradley resolved to create some sort of uproar. He tried to feed rumors to drunken patrons. They could either envole a mob o at the very least, he would be commissioned again to exterminate them. But the rumors were always laughed off in this time of peace and the drunks were sent home.

He crushed the last of his dragonsbane with a pestle and dumped it into a vial of fairy blood. It smoked slightly and then changed color from red to purple to gray. He frowned, it was supposed to be clear. He hadn't any herbs left. He scraped the pestle and mortar and managed to put a few molecules into the vial. He shook it. It slowly turned clear. Just enough.

Just enough for one murder.

The End

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