What the Dweller Saw

I was the last to go to bed. I had been staring into the flames and thinking. It was nearing my time to go. My bones ached before each rain, I hobbled when I walked, and I was losing my sight. I was becoming invaluable. The tribe would soon send me to the Dark man.

As I limped on my sore knees toward my hut, I heard a snap in the dark forest to my left. I froze. It sounded like a large animal. Or the Dark Man himself! We HAD sent a few into his domain. Maybe they didn't do the sacrifices correctly and he was angry!

I peered into the darkness, but it was useless. I listened. At least my hearing was still good.

I never heard him approach. At the last second, before I could even manage a yelp of terror, a dark shape swooped down on me, grasped me about the middle a little too roughly, and swept me off my feet. I was squeezed so tightly I could barely breathe. I was moving much to fast in the grasp of my assailant. That too, took my breath away.

At last I was dropped down to a cold stone floor. The Dark Man's lair! I tried to rightmyself, but he hit me. I laid there, bleeding now from my lip, and waited for the end to come. I hoped it would ne swift.

Two shining eyes and sharp pointed teeth came into view. It smelled me. It breathed on me. It's breath was similar to a dog's. I wrinkled my nose.

"Well, Mutt, what are you waiting for? Eat." Came a raspy voice.

"What?!" I didn't recognize my own voice. I opened my eyes wide and took in the shape of the figure now growling at me. The Dark man had a dog? Was I to be food for it? "Are you going to feed me to your dog?!" I squeaked. The canine's body tensed and his ears laid back even tighter as he growled louder, moving to my ear, ready to snap.

"I prefer my meat..young, tender, less..aged." The raspy voice explained then laughed. The dog snapped viciously at my face. I put up my arms to defend myself and it bit one, not letting go, shaking it until it snapped. I howled in pain. All I could think about was the vicious laughter and the blinding pain. Just make it stop!

The End

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