A Chain of Villains

Everyone loves a "good" villain. The kind that instill fear in the heart of the common man, such that only the bravest, or most moronic, will face them.

Villains often have an distinguishing attribute that makes them all the more evil. Powers, ninja skill, pirating tactics, and a desire to squash the lives of anyone who crosses their path.

They often have sinister clothing, scars, or defects as well that add to the dark mystique and set them apart from from say, evil sidekicks.

The story begins with a land called Bal'Wren.

Bal'Wren is a huge continent, surrounded by a sea that they say hosts every kind of sea monster, and is so vast that you will never get to the edge of it, and if you do, you will surely sail off the end of the world.

Bal'Wren was settled by four distinct peoples who lived in its deserts, forests, plains, and on the coast. Eventually these people met in the mountains in the middle of the continent. It took many dynasties and wars before the peoples were finally united under one King, whose name is not important as he is not a villain.

Alas, as all times of peace go, the continent had its fair share of those who were not content with a blissful existence. They hid in dark places, plotting, building alliances and armies, waiting to become Strong Enough to cause a real roucous.

So now we must examine these people, in their lairs, in their heads, and in the depths of their very dark souless existences.

The End

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