a cat's ballad.

"and lowe the beast leapt upon him..."

a cat's ballad

the thoughts of jared.

it was dark.
wait, suddenly it was bright!
dawn was standing at the door, her finger on the light switch.
"you're still in bed?!"
dawn: *grrrrr*
dawn left the room.
 crap, the light was still on.
i grabbed a pillow.
no, that was the cat. *sorry mo-ped*
mo-ped is my cat's name.
i guess thats a little obvious.
*stupid cat*
dawn's the one who likes it him,
i never really did.
weird dream last night...
*eh, i never liked candels much*
{i better get up...}
i got up.

the thoughts of dawn

jared was still in bed.
i flicked on the switch
jared's leg kicked up in the air, a pillow went flying
i left the room, with the light on.
{a yowel}
was that mo-ped?
*she's probably hungry or something...*
i grabbed the cat food
i tried to grab the cat food
it was on the top shelf.
*stupid cat*
jared's the one who likes him..
i actually really dont.
{i swear the cat puts its food on the top shelf just to piss me off}
dawn: *gets stool*

the thoughts of mo-ped

*the light*
*it burns*
turn it off
he grabbed me!
{violated my security!}
what an idiot.
what a fatty...
*im hungry*
neither of them like me
i know it
whats his face never pets me
whats her name never feeds me
i should run away...

The End

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