A Catchy Title (Ch 17-25)

In these chapters, Julia struggles with her relationship with her father. She gad just seen him with Silvia, and she doesnt know whether to trust him or not. Manwhile, Julia's mom Helen, is introduced to "the syndrome," which she realizes she has after passing out while driving and killing a pedestrian. As Julia grows in these chapters, she experiences her last friend leaving her, realized how un interested in soccer she's become, and she finally got to hang with Seth.

2. The lesson I've learned through the novel, is that in life, we will all experirence some kind of tradegy, but there is still good. This book is a coming of age novel, as it shows many points of Julia's life as she grows up in the middle of chaos. She faces so many problems, but continues to focus on the greater side of her life.

3. Julia's fears are what seem to motivate her daily. Although she does have many other smaller fears, the main one has to do with the slowing. She wants to be remembered and make what life she has left, the best, especially in the last few chapters of the book. She is motivated to stop hanging out with Hannah and Michaela in fear of being hurt, she is afraid of confronting her father because she doesnt want her mother to be upset, and she is afraid of not being able to be seen or known ever again,  unlike how the stars were; she is motivated to find someone who will care for her, she  is motivated to keep her mothers happiness, and she is motivated to spend her last moments and adventures with Seth, and make them the best of her life.

4. The authors voice and diction affect me positively(?). The way its written allows me to easily connect my current and past life experiences to the events that are occuring throughout some of Julias life. The way the author worded the text, also makes me feel like I am right by Julia's side as she grows up. I think that this is highy important in a book, and it makes it seem  more important.

The End

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