Watch My StepMature


... I opened my eyes. I’m in my field, And Josh is next to me.

He’s talking but I can’t hear a word of what he’s saying, I can see his mouth moving, But... Nothing. I try to raise my arm, But it wouldn’t move for beans as my mother used to say. I turn to look at the surroundings, Uh oh! The sky! It’s not... It‘s green!

As I realize where I truly am, I feel like my world is shaking around me.

‘Wake up girl, come on’ I hear faintly.

‘She still breathing? That was a pretty bad fall she had.’ Another voice mutters.

‘Yeah look, She’s coming to, Unlucky bitch...’

I open my eyes and briefly take in my surroundings before snapping them shut again.

‘Come on, it’s not so bad with us.’ I think maybe Ruedy, trys kidding himself.

‘Damn it.’ I mutter. ‘help me up would you?’ I ask Ruedy.

With a pull I was back on my feet, But I had a killer headache and my back felt like it might be splitting down the middle. I lent back on the wall.

‘May I ask what on hell or earth happened?’ I ask the group.

After a pause.

‘There was a drop we didn’t know about, Malck and Abe tripped but landed in one piece, But for a reason I’m about to ask them about they didn’t call out a warning about the drop.’ 

Ruedy surprised me by giving me a ready answer.

He then turned to Malck and Abe with a cocked eye brow.

‘So?’ He asked them.

‘We didn’t have time to call out, She was right behind us.’ Malck tried.

‘Ok then... Abe what do you have to say on the matter? If it had been one of the others would you have found your voice a little faster?’ Ruedy was looking annoyed now.

‘Of course... ah! I mean I didn’t...’ Abe trailed away.

Great so they were now really trying to kill me, And I may well have myself a lovely concussion as well, I moved slowly off the wall.

Ruedy retook his place in front of me, Somewhere In the endless hours we’d swapped.

Ok so that made the walking order Malck or Abe then Ruedy and Me, I felt Pretty Eyes behind me, And that just left Johnston taking up the rear.

‘You Ok?’ Pretty Eyes whispers in my ear.

‘No.’ I answered pissed, 

What did he think? Being stuck underground with people who had it out for me, And walking off 6 foot ledges was my idea of fun.

But he did place his hand briefly on my back, And even if I did hate the lot of them, it did feel nice. I made a mental note to find out his name...

The End

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