Something in the Shadows.Mature

 ...The same process happened twice more, The second time we weren't quite fast enough and I ended up being thrown forward a meter or so.

I decided to ask Johnston who was behind me, How long we had been walking, I had been told not to speak, But I was sick of this.

‘Johnston?’ I asked timidly.

He didn’t say anything for a moment.

‘What?’ He asked.

‘How long have we been walking?’

Another pause.

‘Almost 3 hours.’ He replied.


And on we went.

Malck stopped walking and I bumped in to him again!

‘Ruedy mate, give a little warning nex...’ But Ruedy cut Malck off with a click of his flashlight which they weren't meant to use.

‘Shut it and keep still.’ Ruedy said and started moving forward, Swinging the light all around.

After a few minutes of waiting with the light moving slowly farther away we heard Ruedy talking to himself ‘... Not damn right... Shouldn’t be...’

‘GUYS GET HERE QUICK!’ Ruedy shouted.

So we all started running to see what Ruedy was blowing a nut about.

‘I saw... saw... you didn’t see.’ Ruedy was saying when we got to him.

‘What the hell happened? Abe demanded.

‘I saw a face, like... like the Things up there.’ Ruedy said pointing to the roof.

He looked shaken, Like he had seen an axe murderer walking towards him.

‘Thats odd.’ I murmur. But no one noticed me.

‘What did you see?’ Malck asks calmly.

‘It looked like The Things but... but It didn’t come for me, I saw it, it saw me, But it turned and walked away...’ Ruedy says trailing off.

Malck looked at all of us and then at the sealing.

‘GOD DAMN IT!’ Malck shouts.

‘Quiet!’ urges Abe.

Pretty Eyes says the first thing I’ve heard him say since we came through the door.

‘So what do we do then?’

‘Have to keep going.’ Replied Johnston. ‘It’s completely blocked off now, and even if we could get past the ruble back there I’d rather take my chances down here then with the Aemals wondering around up there.’

Huh now they were the Aemals instead of just Things.

‘Even if we have one or more down here.’ Pretty Eyes Pointed out.

‘You tell me what we do!’ Snapped Johnston. 

‘Keep going it is.’

And once again we were on our way...

The End

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