A catch in my taleMature

This in a clip of a story I'm working on and would love to know what you think!

...They were walking me down the side of the brick building, For some reason I some how had ended up with a gun, when Pretty Eyes noticed he almost ripped it right out of my hands along with my head.


‘Why the hell has She been given a gun?’ shouted Pretty Eyes, ‘Because we need her to shoot the ones over there if they notice us, they won’t expect her to have a gun’ replied Johnston pointing at the completely orange beings just wondering around about 20 meters away.

We continued walking for a few minutes when I had my opening, One of the creatures had turned and was walking straight for us, I pulled the gun round and shot it in the stomach, 

My escorts as you will, All glanced my way but continued walking.

We came to a patch of wall where they stopped and started getting equipment out and checking out the wall, It looked as if they were going to blow it up, In their eyes I was no more then a girl and so left me with The Massive One to watch by the side.

After a few minutes of this they grabbed all the equipment and started up a quick pace down the path.

After what felt like too long to be outside, we came to a door.

‘Get in! Get in!’ Said Johnston waving us in.

When we got inside it turned out to be a very small room with one light bulb and a door to one side.

Pretty Eyes opened the door and said to the others ‘Malck, Abe, Ruedy, You know what your doing I hope, you head us.’ This was truly driving me nuts now, I knew part of the reason we were here, But why on earth we were about to walk in to a dark room, I truly hoped it was a room and nothing else, With a whole load of equipment, and why had they brought me along!

I followed Malck in to the darkness and amply tripped over a step and court myself on the back of Malck’s jacket, he ‘Humpfed.’ but other whys push me off and kept going.

To my dismay we quickly started going down, I knew that had been my last sight of sunlight I would see for a very long time... If ever. now to see if I could end this quickly and painlessly, I still had the gun, but I still wanted to know what was going on before I “Stepped out.”

We walked downwards in complete darkness, for who only knows how long, after I give up on keep track of time Ruedy slows down, I think he was looking for a spot in the wall.

‘Ok I gonna set it here, when I have we run hard and fast, We’ll have about a minute to get 100 meters, if we don’t... Well here we go.’ As Ruedy said this he started doing something with the equipment, I braced myself ready to run for my life that would shortly end anyway.

I heard a “Ping!” and Malck, Abe, and Ruedy all started to run, I followed in a full out sprint.

After what must of been about 45 seconds, We heard the “BANG!” I kept running, But I was still wait for death... And yet I was still here... ‘We’re coming to a bend!’ Said who I thought to be Abe. They slowed and started walking again...

The End

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