A Burnt Witch: Book One

Follow the great mystical adventure of Ms Eliza Hawfburke, an accused witch in the Salem Witch Trials, who escaped. Join her on her quest for freedom.

My crimson-red eyes swept around my bare house for the last time. I saw a vision about them; they were coming. My black hair hung under my chin in a very messy way. Tears rolled down my eyes, leaving a line of wet on my pale cheeks. Suddenly, a deep voice called from the other side of the heavy oak doors.

"We know you're in there, Witch!" He said, "Come out, or we'll be obliged to enter with less civilized methods!" He warned. I sobbed a hex out through my red lips.I heard low gasps sound from outside. I smiled half-heartedly. The man snarled, as three loud bangs crashed on the door, interrupting the melancholy silence. Suddenly, the door came crashing to the ground. The hunter stood there with an army of people, wielding weapons such as pitchforks, torches and shotguns. Uh oh...

The End

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