Take It To The StageMature

Follow the dramatic beginning of a dramatic end as love, hope and honour drive a man into despair. "Can a life be saved once that life has bit the bullet?" a question, ready for answering.

The theatre looked astonishing; it’s newly furnished stands, silver railings and gold chandeliers with deep red curtains covering the stage; as eager viewers sat in anticipation for its first use.

“Sir, are you ready to open the stage?” asked the owner of the newly found theatre, an elderly gentleman with a thick beard and a quirky fashion sense.

“I should think so,” was the reply given to him by a well-dressed man in his early thirties, wearing a suit with a blood red bow tie.

“Then I believe the stage is yours sir,” the owner said as he bowed with his left arm and pointed his right arm, which was shaking, towards the stage. As the curtains trailed open and the spotlights beamed down on stage, the chattering of the audience was transformed into an overwhelming applause. The well-dressed man walked to the front of centre stage, upon which was a microphone stand. He took the microphone out of the stand as the audience continued to applaud.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he said with a broad smile, “please, please I do not deserve such noise.” Laughter came from around the theatre and the clapping of hands concluded.

“I would like to welcome you all to this newly founded theatre, of which I am sure many an act will perform. Big or small, famous or not so famous, I’m sure all will be performed with as much a reaction as you just gave me here tonight.” The man continued, now more relaxed than he was backstage.

“However, I must begin my performance with a special act myself, as this floor looks a little too shiny and unused for my liking,” he said, as the audience didn’t know whether to let out small flutters of laughter or be nervous at whatever was to be expected.

“You see, I am not the man you thought I would be. I am not the chairman, but an unknown man. I am a man who has undertaken many identities in the past, this being one of them, but I assure you that you should not be alarmed.” Obviously this concerned the audience and small worrying chatter started to fill the theatre.

“My name… my real name, is Daniel Herington. My occupation lies within the government, as a secret agent. Well, up until now of course. Consider this my resignation.” He continued as the audience began to get more and more anxious.

“The reason for my resignation is because like every other man in their lifetime, I have fallen in love… with the girl I cannot ever have.” He started to sweat.

“It started on a mission, which I cannot give details of. As soon as I lay eyes on one particular woman, a woman of the enemy, I knew she was meant for me.” The audience started to calm down, listening to Daniel’s story.

“The mission could not be completed, because I could not allow myself to do what the mission briefing implied. It implied that I shoot this woman on sight. Instead, I ran… and I haven’t stopped running. If I stop then I risk my own government killing me. If I stop then I risk that woman, the enemy, killing me. If I stop then I die in dishonour via bullet, by friend or foe. Can a life be saved once that life has bit the bullet? I should think not.” As he finished he reached into the inside of his suit pocket, took out a pistol, and pointed it towards his head.

He closed his eyes and uttered “But let’s see.” And as he did so the lights in the theatre turned off. A red light that seemed to be the laser off a sniper rifle beamed onto his chest from across the theatre. A single gunshot was fired and then the audience screamed. The lights came back on and Daniel still stood on stage, alive with his eyes wide open and the pistol still to his head. Audience members continued to scream and exit the theatre as the body of a dead sniper hung over the front of the lower balcony.

“Well, it looks like somebody is protecting me.” Daniel said as he spotted the body and lowered the pistol to his side. “Let’s see how they protect me from myself.” He said as he closed his eyes again and started to raise his hand back towards his head, but before he could do so there was another gunshot.

Again the audience screamed, and so did Daniel. He now lay on the floor in agony as his wielding hand had been shot, covering the shiny new stage with a splatter of blood.

A loud female voice with a French accent shouted across the theatre, “Coward, don’t ever think that you can run away!”

Daniel tried to focus on where the voice was coming from.

“If anyone kills you, it will be me!” the voice said, and then a figure appeared next to the dead body. She pushed the body off the balcony and lifted one leg onto the balcony rail. “Hello lover.” She said as Daniel focused on her, his mouth widened in shock and the pain from his hand got even more unbearable.

“Michelle.” He moaned in pain, before blacking out.

“Bonjour.” She whispered back with a smirk.

The End

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