Morning Madness

My thoughts bleed out onto paper. This will continue until I have a full day written down.
This is a full day of deep depression and hopelessness brought to you by yours truly...

The sun pours into my room and dances on the lids of my eyes as they slowly begin to open. I begin to wake while my mind desperately tries to latch onto the fading memories of last night’s dream. That wonderful place full of memories past, of better times, it begins to disappear. Slowly my hope and happiness fade into nothing.

As I lose those last little bits of joy I start to realize the cold hard reality in front of me. The crushing despair and loneliness set in once again. This hopeless mood overtakes me and settles in like a heavy cloud. I feel the weight of all of my pain and suffering start to constrict my heart and I feel my chest begin to tighten. I find it hard to breath once again, and wonder if it’s even worth the effort.

It’s another day with this empty void inside of me. That place that use to be full of love and happiness is now full of a deep pain that penetrates my very soul. I feel lost, broken and completely miserable. I dwell in my memories but the pleasure they once brought is now replaced with agony. I can't stop thinking about it all. I wince at every thought and there is no way to stem the flow. My mind is slowly bleeding to death and there is nothing I can do about it…

The End

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