A Broken Leg

A woman comes to the realisation that she has fallen out of love with her boyfriend, Mr.Perfect. She is his everything and vice-versa, in the end, someone will have to get hurt.

“He’s probably cheating on you.” Eva said has she popped a ripe strawberry into her mouth. She smirked at me as she chewed and swallowed.

“That doesn’t even make sense Eva.” I said sternly. “Why would how I feel have to do with his after hours activities?”

“So you admit it?” Eva said eagerly.

“No Eva, drop it.”  I replied. I leaned back and sipped my Spite in silence. My best friend and I were at Femi-Lynn, a café in the heart of downtown. We were sitting outside on the patio taking in the summertime. The air was thick and smelt faint of something I couldn’t quite put my finger in.  The sky was a healthy bluish-yellow but clouds were quickly approaching, like ants to sugar. I leaned over the bar that separated the café from the pavement, me from the real world and the realisation that I no longer was in love with Peter Lemming.

Peter, my boyfriend of six years. We were the stereotypical high school sweethearts, voted most likely to have successful offspring. He was my first and only and I loved him, or at least I wanted to. For the past eight months I have found myself in a downward spiral from madly and pathetically in love to grounded and spiteful. No, Peter had never beaten me or cheated, in fact he was wonderful. He would fix dinner when I got home, hold me close and hum me to sleep and he even quit smoking for me. Some would even say he was perfect for me. I believed that, and I still want to believe that.

I’ve realised in those eight months that I had been convincing myself that he was a horrible person. He’s turned to heroine, he’s part of a child labour project, he’s a con man wanted in twenty-two countries, he stole a pack of gum, something! I was desperate, at least I would feel better if I had a reason to hate him. A reason to leave him and never look back, a reason to break his heart.

“Well face it Beth, the spark is gone.” Eva said as our waiter brought me my strawberry parfait in a glass bowl. Our eyes met, my plain brown once and his piercing green ones. He had the right amount of stubble to compliment his ragged black hair. Peter would never let that happen to his face, he shaved every morning. The waiter straightened up and asked if we would like anything else. Eva asked for a separate bill while I stared at his name tag. It read “Hello my name is Edward”. Edward, it just rolled off of your tongue so perfectly. A smile crept across my face as I thought of myself shouting his name in ecstasy.

Rose snapped me out of my fantasies. Edward was long gone but his intoxicating scent lingered. “Are you still with us?” She was doing that annoying snapping thing in my face. I swatted her hand away. I looked across our small table at Eva, she had an eyebrow raised.

“You see it’s that type of behaviour that has me convinced he’s cheating. Are you plotting revenge or something?”

“What are you talking about? Peter’s not cheating on me.” Though at times I wished he were.

“Weren’t you listening to anything I was saying?” I had told them everything about the past eight months. “It’s not him, it’s me.” It felt odd to finally say that out loud.

I had always been somewhat jealous of Eva. She had black wavy hair that flowed down to the middle of her back while her tanned skin always seemed to be glowing. Her eyes were the perfect shade of blue, like the ocean and possibly the best cheek bones I had ever actually seen in person. I on the other hand felt quite plain beside her. I was wearing my lame The Wizard of Oz shirt my niece had given me and a pair of dark blue jeans and my shoulder length brown hair was tied up in to a messy ponytail. My eyes were too brown and my lips were too thin. Eva was married, I was not.

“Fine then, let’s look at this logically. He hasn’t done anything to you, yet you want to end the relationship. Maybe you’re just tired of him, it happens.” Eva said simply.

“Not to me it doesn’t. Peter loves me and I love him. I just have to get over this and everything will be okay.” I tried to sound convincing in order to convince her and myself.

“You can’t force yourself to love someone Beth, that only leads to more trouble for the both of you.”

“Who’s forcing? You can’t just fall out of love like that.” I snapped my fingers to emphasize my point. “After everything we’ve been through, all the good times, I can’t just let him go. I love him, I really do.” I pounded my fist on the table, on the brink of tears.

“Beth-” Eva put her hand over my fist but I continued on.

“I’m not getting any younger. I want what you have, a husband, a family, a home. I’ll never find anyone like Peter again Eva. I love him, I swear!” Eva looked me in the eye and tilted her head.

“Maybe you should see someone about this Beth. It seems-” she began, but I cut her off again.

“I have to go Eva.” I said as I stood up and dug into my purse for cash. I found a twenty, twice the amount of my lunch but I threw it onto the table anyway. Eva stood up but I waved my hand toward her and wiped my eyes quickly. “You can have the parfait if you want. I’ll talk to you later.” I turned away from her puzzled face and walked into the café and out again onto the pavement, the real world.

The End

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