The Way Ahead

She stops, she has reached the centre of the bridge, she is aware of the precariousness of her position, she looks around, she can see something of what she is running from and something of what she is running headlong into.  Both views look uncannily similar.   The swirling waters below the bridge are gathering in small eddys, the pitch black water circling round and round in a hypnotic movement enticing her towards their fathomless depth. She quickly draws her eyes away.  Mei suddenly becomes acutely aware of the momentous decision she has made.  Her thoughts are pricking her brain in short sharp bursts like the stacatto of a jazz guitarist plucking his strings in a frenzy of blurred fingers.  Go on, go back, go on, go back.  She has arrived at her Kismet moment, her day of destiny.  Her choice will now shape her future, she is thinking "I must choose wisely".  She takes a tentative step forward with beating heart and an overwhelming sense of apprehension. 

The End

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