Work on your Familial Ties

You decide to focus your efforts on strengthening your familial relationships. Excluding your Uncle, there are three relatives in particular that you should speak to: Your Aunt Bela, your cousin Nikolai, his twin Andrei, and of course your ever plotting cousin Nikita.

Strengthening your relationship with your Aunt is the most proper thing to do, seeing as she is the wife of the man who’s given you many opportunities after your parents died. However, she’s also naïve for a woman of her status, often jumping to conclusions based on emotional as opposed to practical reasons. You remember one incident in particular where she pardoned a notorious poacher because he claimed to be hunting to feed his starving family.

Then there are your eldest cousins, Nikolai and Andrei. Though he is the younger of the two, Nikolai has made a name for himself as a ruthlessly efficient general, one who treats his enemies with no sympathy. His ferocity and bloodlust is only held at bay by his personal sense of honor, a moral code that justifies massacre as a necessary evil for the good of the Fenyan people.

On the other hand, Andrei abhors violence, despite his skill with the sword. He’s a master tactician and strategist, though he is extremely reluctant about assisting anyone who might use his knowledge to shed blood. Allying with Nikolai is relatively simple, though you’ll definitely have to make the same sort of “sacrifices for the good of Fenya”. Growing closer to Andrei may be a little more difficult, but in the future his knowledge might be worth more than any army.

Finally, there is cousin Nikita. She is…a handful to say the least. Although she maintains the appearance of a proper lady of the court, she is far from the typical Novogodorian princess. Like Andrei she possess an affinity for learning; she’s spent as much time in the library reading historical fact and fiction as she has grooming herself for her countless number of suitors. What really makes her stand out, however, is her ability to manipulate and deceive without doubt. Even as a child, she could win any argument with ease. If something broke or went awry, Nikita would find a way to single herself out of the crime, or get someone else to take the fall. Allying with her is easy and provides you with a powerful and charismatic friend but don’t expect her to risk a single hair to save your hide.

The End

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