Be Humble for the Honor

“You…I am most honored,” you stutter. “But does this privilege not belong to one of your sons, Uncle? To be frank, I assumed cousin Nikita would be given this sort of task, considering her affinity for politics.”

Your Uncle laughs, braids bobbing as he shakes with glee. “She is about as trustworthy as a harlot to a chaste young priest, nephew! Besides, your cousins Niko and Andrei are a warrior and a scholar, respectively. They do not possess the degree of empathy and compassion that you have proven capable of time and time again.”

You flash your Uncle a wide, childish grin before regaining your ‘adult’ composure. Your more than just honored by your Uncle’s compliments…you’re elated. “I will not fail you, Uncle.”

In a sudden movement, your Uncle gives you a strong hug. As quick as the rare emotional act begins, it ends. He nods before leaving you, humming quietly to himself as the door to your room closes. You take a look outside and notice that there’s still time before the sun sets. You feel like you could scale the world’s largest mountain, swim the coldest sea, and battle the fiercest of warriors. Suffice to say, your confident state should be channelled in some beneficial way, shape or form. 

The End

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