Be Honest and Attentive

"You seem to be dressed for an occasion, Uncle. Are we expecting visitors from the Tzar?"

Your Uncle nods. “I see your newfound adulthood has not robbed you of your forwardness, dear nephew. Nor has it your sense of honesty and honor, I hope?”

You smile, but remain silent and allow your Uncle to speak.

“You are correct, we are receiving visitors from Novogorod, upper nobility types if I’m not mistaken.” You understand your Uncle’s disdain for the nobles. They are often haughty types who have grown soft with the relative peacefulness of the west. Though they are your fellow Novogodorians, you can’t help but pity the fact that they have no idea of the hardships your family handles on a regular basis.

Your Uncle seems to read your thoughts, patting your shoulders firmly with large, calloused hands. “I trust that your tactfulness will accompany you during my meeting with the delegates?”

The End

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