A Boyar Son's Tale

A medieval-esque story built in the style of traditional Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books. Contains elements of mainstream medieval fiction alongside aspects seen in gamebooks and other form of 'multiple choice' style games.

For most of your young life, you have been raised within the confines of Castle Fenya, the only remaining stronghold of the civilised people of the Tzar Emperor’s domain. Your ancestors have controlled and protected these lands for many generations, simultaneously expanding the borders of the Fenyan province while purging the land of the savage Lietuva pagan clans.

But, all of this history means little to you at the moment. After all, you are both the nephew and adopted son of the current Boyar Lord Nikolai (meaning you are not the immediate owner of the Fenyan province) and just finished celebrating your sixteenth birthday (which entitles you to the privileges and responsibilities of adulthood). The decisions you make at this age will affect the choices given to you in the story later on, leading to many interesting additions regarding relationships, wealth, and even your destiny! I wish you the best of luck!


Your Uncle approaches you one autumn morning wearing unusually casual attire. Normally he’s garbed in his massive bearskin cloak, a monstrous but elegant hide that covers the armor he wears underneath. Numerous assassination attempts on your Uncle have failed simply because he was able to survive the attack and kill the unfortunate assassin with his bare hands. Not many folk would mess with a scarred mass of muscle who was as skilled a tactician and leader as he was a savage warrior.

However, all he’s wearing is a simple wolf hide over simple clothes, his great beard and length of hair combed and organized into a series of braids.

“What do you think, nephew? Do I not look like a civilised man now?”

The End

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