A Book of Words

It's a combination of my poetry, and my prose, in one. It's about a girl like myself, and the way she feels about the world and everything in it...


Shy away from the light

Hide in the dark

Where it's safe and feels alright

I know I'm not alone

But it doesn't change how I feel

My heart still feels like stone.

Lost in the tide

Just another fish in the sea

But no one ever listens to my side

When will they learn?

They pick up my story

But the pages just burn.


I looked up from my notebook and glanced around. Fellow class mates were still finishing their tests. For the last ten minutes, I'd idly been waiting to turn mine in. I hadn't realized it, but I had, without a thought, pulled out my notebook and begun to write.

I remembered Mr. Danli saying we were to wait patiently and do nothing, or our tests would be taken away and we would get zeros. Carefully, I closed the notebook and moved to put it back under my desk, trying not to draw attention to myself.

Mr. Danli noticed. He stood, drawing the attention of a few students, and walked over to me. He held out his hand expectantly, and when I didn't respond immediately, he hissed coldly, "The book, Chelsea."

Mentally kicking myself for being stupid, I cautiously placed the book in his pale, meaty hand.

"Mr. Danli, please don't read it out loud." I begged quietly. I peered up at him, pleading.

"We'll see." He took my test and briskly walked back to his desk. Slamming my papers down, he opened the book and cleared his throat.

Everyone was staring now, and some were giggling nervously.

I watched the movement of his dull brown eyes as Mr. Danli scanned the first page, then the next. And the next. I waited, with baited breath, for him to begin reading aloud. My heart raced, cheeks flushed; I really didn't want anyone to know just what's on my mind.

I closed my eyes, bracing myself. The whole room held its breath.

But when Mr. Danli didn't say anything, I looked at him again. He had moved to the chair and was studying the pages intently now. I was so embarrassed.

I could feel eyes boring into me. Their unspoken questions beat against my body. Mr. Danli always read notes aloud, and always had something to say; so what could possibly have our predictable teacher behaving so unpredictably.

He finally looked up, and he appeared deeply shaken. Then he uttered a single sentence, the one every student dreaded in this class. "I'll speak to you after class."

I blushed again, though no one could tell this one from the others.

Slowly, my classmates returned to their unfinished tests. Meanwhile, I waited for the end of class to arrive, so I could get my notebook, and get out of here.

Eventually, the final bell rang out, loud and shrill. The kids all throughout the school stood quickly and left the rooms as fast as possible.


The End

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