What U eat Is CakeMature

Ive recently discovered my fancy for cake. I know what ur thinking how am i just now discovering this when ive had plenty of birthdays and been to a lot of them. Well f u meany!!!

   Ive made a song. Yep and its called do u like cake. You see..... Uh what was i going to say???? Why does that matter im a cover eater!!! Do u love it??? Well that isnt important right now. What important is.... What is important??? Cake!!!! Yeah now thats worth importancy.

  Okay so like i was at school and a few science college students came to visit my classroom. And we had fun with experimens and such and such but thats not the point!!! The point is that when we where getting ready to clean up and they were about to go........ One of the students walked over to my table. Aparently she asked every one this question and expected the same answer and reaction from me.

  She said "Were going to bake a cake for you guys on our last encounter. So what kind of cake would u perfer?" Now me being a a cake eater i burst into tears. You know when u watch a romance movie and the guy proposes and she starts to wail cuz shes so happy??

 Well that is how i felt in that moment. I was just so fucking happy. Now the situation is quite funny because everyone at the table stares at me in amazed fear. The student walks away  slowly and i swear i heard her mumble wow.

   That day was so awesome. True efin story. Im watching horton hears a who and typing my random thoughts. It surprisuingly funny how the movie havent stolen my mindless thoughts.

  Well good bye this is Eshturfula sighning off saying randomize!!!



The End

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