Ha ha i wanted to write about ditsy people but ive gott a way better topic to rant on. Okay now have anybody seen New Moon??? Well i gotta some very intense sentences to speak because of that. Lets just jump off the cliff here It was okay. Now during the fight with vulturi, which never happened by the way inside the book, Edward was thrown around multiple times. Yes and it hurt a lot of fans to see this injustice. Anyway, His skin seemed to crack and heal. STOP!!! Uh twilight vampires dont crack and they most definatly dont turn to dust. Thats the whole reason why they sparkle instead.

  Ripping lems and burning them would be pointless if they fucking turn to dust. I mean what the hell??? Now i personally thought robert pattinson had way to much lip stick on. Now before his fans go all crazy you know u saw this.

   I love twilight the series but what the hell??? The movie was a simple example why directors should read the fucking books first!!! Now on Victoria, why is this her last movie then they are going to replace her. Thats some straight bull shit.

   The most elated scenes was when taylor launtner entered my view. Can u say sexy??? Ohh mamma. Anyway i enjoyed the fight secenes quite a lot. But after the vulturi scene we got the privalege to see bella and Edward frolic through the forest all happily. I agree bella's a bit manic but who blames her she's been through a lot of shit in the series.

 The ending.... Now can we say what the shit!??! Thats all oh and by the way i am half asleep and just finished raiding youtube and watching twilight rants so i thought of this.

   P.S. I am a twilight fan at heart but some stuff really pissed me off from the movie. This was made at 2:00 am....... yawn bye for the night or morning.

The End

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