A Book Of Randomness!!!Mature

Umm the title tells it all!!!! In this book you learn what really goes on in my mind when im not being my character in my books this is just Iesha's fugged up thoughts!!!!

 I have one thing to say to you guys ICECREAM!!!!!!!!! Okay maybe that was two things. Was it??? I don't know and i really don't give a puppy's dropping. Okay so that was lame... SO WHAT!!! I can be lame because im random. And i can be random because this is The fuggon book of randomness!!! If disagree then... Then... what was i about to say????

  Damn i forgot...Opps i cursed!!! Well it was random right??? So like i went to the store to but some candy and it cost 75c so i gave the lady a dollar and she gave me a quarter back. I was lyke umm excuse me but you gave me change back shouldn't u like add the taxes??? she gave me a look and rung the next person up. i just stood there for a while then i just tottaly lost it i tapped her then got up on the little thingy that moves the items up to them. and guess what i did???? I did the- uhhh well i actually didn't do anything... You know why!!??!!! Huh do you??? Well im not going to tell you...... Okay the suspense is killing me. I didn't do anything because non of that happend. I just thought i should put that to uhh entertain some people.........

 Well that sucks because i ruined the entertainment! But who cares. I didnt ask me to write it no one did... Wait that made no sense. but it doesn't because its inside the fuggin Book of randomness.

 Do you get that this whole thing you read was just a bunch of crap and randomness!! But u read it cause you liked it... otherwise yo would of rn away once you read the title. dawwg man im sooooooooo idk ummm this is what mental people such as me come up with when we are bored and this is what some one who loves the high randomness gives you read........ Im sooo tired of- ZzZzZzZzZz what!!!!! oh sorry i fell asleep there hehehehehehehe bye bye now. hope you enjoyed!!! :D Oh and p.s  WTF IS WRONG WIT ALL DA ERRORS. OHHH WELL I AINT CLEANING THEM UP!!!

The End

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