Awaiting dreams

Awaiting Dreams

I am lost, and I can't be found.
Lying alone, silence surrounds.

As romantic the sound of dribbles in New York can be,
The problems running through my mind are urging me to flee.

Run. Run. Run.
Run away from where everything has begun.

No more stress, no more pain,
No more walking alone in the rain.

Memories bright and urgent, flashing through my mind.
The dark blue eyes are the ones that I can't find.

Your smile, your voice, your eyes,
Gone as if you simply pass by.

But you did not, my dear,
You left a mark that shifted my gears.

You taught me to take risks,
You taught me to be brave,
And that would follow me until I am graved.

Gone, gone, goes the memories,
Our every fight, our every kiss, 
I wonder sometimes, will you ever miss?

But would it be worth it?

Should I be trapped inside my memories,
Or head for my dreams?

Or is my dream right here waiting for me?

The End

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