But anyhow back to the point, I’m leaving for this place tomorrow. My parents were very surprised when I told them about my wish. I had never shown an inclination to even like that place a wee bit when I was there; and that was years ago, when I was a kid. I haven’t been there from a while as I was never asked too and I guess they (my parents) were also a little uncomfortable in that place so no-one went there anymore. Now I'm packing my bags, just 2 jeans, 3 t-shirts and 2 pairs of my innerwear. I hate carrying heavy luggages and I know I can manage more than 2 months in the above clothes. My mother doubt so she came with her list of stuff. Put some books honey, take your video game, she still cannot believe that I really want to go there.

"Kithe puttar??" " Amritsar??" " Aa ja ve mere shera??" (Where to my son? Amritsar? Come my lad, my tiger)
My Bag was taken by the conductor and thrown in. "Hey" I called out. He pulled me by my hand and I was in this bus with people jammed in everywhere. My bag was lying on someone else’s bag and I was squashed between two males of my age but of a stronger built. I felt cramped up inside with the sweat of people around me hanging in the air. It was a sweltering day and it was a long ride. On my way I took some soft drinks because that is what I felt was safe enough and then suddenly I thought with such things in my head about pollution and all I just could not travel. All the people who travel are not fanatics who carry their bisleries all the time. Well was just pondering on the same suddenly the bus screeched to a halt. I was immediately scooped up in a large mass of people wanting to get down. If you've ever travelled in an Indian local bus you will understand what I mean. The people are way too more than the seats in the bus with everyone’s jammed in corners and they would look at you with hostile eyes when you board the bus. But the conductors and the drivers keep filling up the buses till there is hardly and space left and the bus itself overburdened slowly & stealthily keeps its rickety pace and makes you reach your destination.

I reached Amritsar late evening. The first thing that I had to do was to call up my parents and assure them I was safe. Amritsar is located in the north western part of India and is among the prominent cities of Punjab. Amritsar's name is from Amŗit-Saagar meaning "The Ocean of the Nectar of Immortality". The spiritual and cultural centre of Sikhism; the Harminder Sahib or The golden temple is situated there. I had a sudden urge to go see the Golden temple; I remembered the beautiful temple with its domes encrusted in gold and its reflection in the sarovar or the lake in front of it. I immediately took a rickshaw and travelled the 1.5-2 kms with a strange frame of mind. There was anxiety and a foreign peace in me. I reached the Temple and was spell bounded with the beauty of the temple once again. I sat by the sarovar for almost two hours contemplating on my life and enjoying the sight of the golden building and its magnificent yellow shadow in the still water moving with each movement of the sun. One could relate the theory of ethereal peace there in. One thing was becoming clear to me. That I was more calm and focussed when I was alone, when no one was bantering me.

I stayed in the temple that night. Generally sleep used to evade me in my air conditioned room with the soft bed whereas here I don’t remembered when I fell asleep after I lay on the floor.  

The End

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