A Bohemian Rhapsody

The process of growing of a boy to a man. His dissatisfaction of living with jis family and his persuit of his dreams.

One..... two...... three...... the fan is taking ominous rounds.
I stare back and tossed in my bed waiting for the time to pass.
I looked at the clock; tick tick... its weird when you have nothing to do everything comes at a standstill.
Here I was, my exams were over and I had absolutely nothing to do; well umnnn not exactly so, mom was after my life to decide on the subjects I wanted to study from now. To decide on my stream, I for the matter of fact had different plans. I wanted to study photography and I remembered the last argument I had with her on that.

"But sweetie you can study that later too or maybe along with you main stream course; why do you want to study it only??"
“Coz I just want to do that only" I’m not really a kid who argues much. These were my only words that I can think around them; my mum & dad.
Am not that good in talking or what you say to open up to them? Not that they are not good parents; They are.. absolutely wonderful but I just don't know what to talk around them and I sometimes feel it just suits them fine.
"O.k. we'll see about it later". You think about it?? You’re gonna do that for me??
"Yup" I moved to my room. I came back. Turned on my system as always and checked if anyone was online??
Hmnnn no one..... I thought I'll try to sleep. But that too evades me..... And I'm back to staring at the rounds of the fan..

What should I do???? The only thing that interests me at the moment is the roads itself. I want to go and travel. See the world.
Hey, I can go and live in my pind (village)..... Voila!! I decided. Let's go to my pind near Amritsar.
Let's start from there only..... At least I can be out of this place... Chandigarh!! Its just so damn planned..

Yes I stay in Chandigarh, the most beautiful city of Asia. I love this place, it’s so clean, but at the same time I sometimes want to break free from here. It's so CIVILIZED. Yes that’s the word, civilized. You'll find a very nice society her, people have a much planned life, they get up go to their work come back maybe go for a walk, that’s all. Nothing raw, nothing at the spur of the moment, monotony; they all have a monotonous life and I did not want that 

I've stayed here all my life; I wanted to see something different. I mean I think that’s the problem with me. I'm never satisfied.
I have been given a good life by my parents. Am an only son you see; and also an only child. All facilities have been provided to me.
And still I have the craving to go somewhere else, do something my parents don't want me to do.

The End

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